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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Super Mario Bros. game?


What's your favorite Super Mario Bros. game?

Super Mario Bros. 51 7.14%
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels 4 0.56%
Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) 16 2.24%
Super Mario Bros. 3 197 27.59%
Super Mario World 297 41.60%
New Super Mario Bros. 42 5.88%
New Super Mario Bros. Wii 41 5.74%
New Super Mario Bros. 2 7 0.98%
New Super Mario Bros. U 42 5.88%
New Super Luigi U 17 2.38%

Super Mario World. There hasn't been a 2D Mario before or since that matches the quality of World. Mario 3 is a close 3rd if we consider Yoshi's Island a 2D Mario. If we don't then yeah Mario 3 is a close second.

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It is a toss up between the two legends, Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World.

Super Mario 3 holds more nostalgia for me personally though, so that gets my vote.

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Super Mario World!
It's a blast from the past.
In Super Mario World
you've got to move fast.

Mario and Luigi
are doin' what they can.
Yoshi and the Princess
are givin' them a hand.

Super Mario WORLD!

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Mario 3 and Mario World are a virtual tie for me.

Former I like more for the worldbuilding, locales, more creative environments, along with the powerups. Though I tend to enjoy Mario World a bit more as a whole.


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Toss up between World and 3, however ill give it to 3 since World took alot of inspiration off 3.

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I know the classic ones are vastly superior in creativity and overall level design, but the only one I thoroughly enjoyed was New U. I've played and finished 3 and World, but playing them felt more like a chore, probably because they're old games, which is a stupid reason but I'm being sincere. I didn't like them that much.

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No Super Mario Run?

I'm a little behind on the series, but from the ones I have played:

1. World
2. SMB 3
3. NSMB Wii
(Bit of a gap here in my opinion)
4. SMB
6. SMB 2
(Another gap here)
7. Lost Levels

I'm trying to get though my 3DS backlog, so NSMB 2 is coming up soon.

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3 and World are the only two games in with a shout. Had to give the edge to 3 - simply down to personal preference.

They stopped being especially great when infinite lives became easily obtainable. SMB World is the last in the series to place high value on extra lives. Games that came after were better in terms of levels and improved technology. But without this placement of value, everything after SMB World was cheapened. The cheapening of extra lives cost the all important feelings of worth. So nothing post SMB World is ever going to be as good again. RIP


But overall I don't like Mario Bros series. I still find their 90's the games, with the 2000's games being very boring and unoriginal