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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Can't make up my mind about whether to get a Series X and here's why

Well, if your primary gaming console is the Switch you don't care about power. No shade intended. You care about the games.

Split the difference. Get a series s. Get Gamepass.


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MS might put some of their exclusives on Switch 2 later, but I can't see them putting all of them on Switch 2. Besides, Switch 2 could be 2024 or 2025 for all we know, that'd be a long wait (I personally think it will release in 2023 though). You could always save $200 and get Series S instead, if you're used to Switch level graphics it will still feel like a massive upgrade to you. I'll be surprised if Switch 2 has better specs than Series S, topping Series S in CPU speed, RAM speed, and storage speed could prove quite difficult for Nintendo in 2023 or even 2024 using mobile technology like low power RAM and ARM CPU's. 

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A bigger question is. What if you buy the console now and the game gets canceled. I nearly bought an XBO for Phantom Dust remake and Scalebound. I know some people who really looked forward to Fable Legends as well. Wait and see if the game releases. But Hellblade II has no chance of being canceled right? Any game has a chance of being canned.

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If you are considering the series X a pc is probably the right answer

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

There are alternatives, you simply pester CGI to make you a comp from his old parts, if that fails you make a thread asking for VGChartz
members to post what parts they no longer use and are willing to give away, then with that done you get CGI or Pem to pick out the best match ups.

If that fails I have another plan, you sneak down to Melbourne. while I'll steal a yacht and sail across Bass Strait, and pick you up in Port Melbourne if anyone asks tell them you are waiting for the Ferry to Tasmania but it's broken down and they have sent a yacht, then we depart for South Australia to track down Pemalites house should be easy we just ask around the local fire stations, should take us no more than twenty minutes, how many stations could they have ? once found you break into his house while I keep watch and bingo one great gaming PC easypeasy. now I know you are going to complain about this being far from a simple computer pickup, but the alternatives tracking down CGI in the US and he might shoot us.

PS. PM me if you have any queries, we can't alert the Pem last time I incurred his wrath he cursed me, and to this day I no longer have matching socks.

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Hellblade launched after the Switch had released and before Microsoft purchased Ninja Theory, very likely they had already planned to release on Switch and as we've seen with other studios Microsoft has purchased, they're honouring pre existing planned console versions. Hellblade was already Multiplatform before Microsoft stepped in, it released on Windows/PlayStation 4 first so there was very little reason to keep that off Switch.

Minecraft is the go to augment for when people wanna say Microsoft won't keep any of their purchased studio games exclusive but again, it was already Multiplatform before Microsoft purchased Mojang as it was on PlayStation 3 at that point. A game like Minecraft coming to every system was pretty much a given. Minecraft is a Multiplatform IP and was likely always planned to stay that way as Minecraft dungeons also is on everything. Minecraft is the exception not the rule.

Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Moon Studios aren't property of Microsoft, all Microsoft did was publish and as we've seen in the past ... That doesn't always mean the game won't ever come to other systems. It's likely Ori was never planned to be fully exclusive from the start. Cuphead is the only other game that was billed as a Microsoft exclusive, they got removed as the Publisher before the game even launched. So that remaining exclusive was always in doubt.

I very much doubt anything else outside of the Minecraft universe will come to the Switch from now on. Hellblade 2 is in development from a first party studio now and Infinite ... Isn't ever leaving Microsoft's ecosystem (Windows, Xbox). They made a system for people like you, people who want to play these games but can't validate the £450 price tag of the Series X ... It's called the Series S for £250 and when those games release drop £8 (basic Gamepass price) for the month to play em.

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For me I got the series mainly for gamepass and also because of the hardware that it yes. Best in console market. I know u can get gamepass on pc but to get pc hardware to match those on series x, it would cost u at least 3 series x if not more. In my country nz just gpu alone is 2 to 3 times series x price. That's just 1 part of the pc lol. U can get series x and many years of gamepass and still have money to do what u want with it.

However if u have gaming pc than go for it. Gamepass games won't come on switch only reason hellblade came on the switch is because ms didn't own the developer at the time. Same with game slike doom. Deal with Bethesda is mot finalised yet. Future next gen games would be way to much for switch or the next iteration of switch. Remember Nintendo is all about having fun rather than having high end spec gaming console..

Hope that helps

It's hard to say what the Switch "2" will be like. Its form factor, power levels and 3rd party support is all up unknown. Let's just say it is another hybrid, then there's no way Nintendo are going to get anything like the performance of a Series X from a console that needs to consider battery life and price point. Even with ALSS and Xavier chip tech baked in I think somewhere about 2 teraflops is reasonable, which is slightly higher than a base PS4. This means games @1080p running at good frame rates and games chasing higher resolutions than that being gimped.
Just my opinion.
I agree with TheTitaniumNub. If you can afford it a PC/Switch combo is pretty much the best....

You didn't want to spend cash on a console last gen but people in here recommending a gaming PC?
If you want a quick price for performance value, Series X (with Gamepass) or Series S (if you don't have a 4k TV)
If you have good internet xCloud will be your cheapest option to play Hellblade 2 (and other MS games).
If you have the money to invest, PC.

I wouldn't get the Series X on one game alone, but I'm enjoying Gears Tactics, Yakuza Like a Dragon, and The Medium so far.

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