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For me I got the series mainly for gamepass and also because of the hardware that it yes. Best in console market. I know u can get gamepass on pc but to get pc hardware to match those on series x, it would cost u at least 3 series x if not more. In my country nz just gpu alone is 2 to 3 times series x price. That's just 1 part of the pc lol. U can get series x and many years of gamepass and still have money to do what u want with it.

However if u have gaming pc than go for it. Gamepass games won't come on switch only reason hellblade came on the switch is because ms didn't own the developer at the time. Same with game slike doom. Deal with Bethesda is mot finalised yet. Future next gen games would be way to much for switch or the next iteration of switch. Remember Nintendo is all about having fun rather than having high end spec gaming console..

Hope that helps