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There are alternatives, you simply pester CGI to make you a comp from his old parts, if that fails you make a thread asking for VGChartz
members to post what parts they no longer use and are willing to give away, then with that done you get CGI or Pem to pick out the best match ups.

If that fails I have another plan, you sneak down to Melbourne. while I'll steal a yacht and sail across Bass Strait, and pick you up in Port Melbourne if anyone asks tell them you are waiting for the Ferry to Tasmania but it's broken down and they have sent a yacht, then we depart for South Australia to track down Pemalites house should be easy we just ask around the local fire stations, should take us no more than twenty minutes, how many stations could they have ? once found you break into his house while I keep watch and bingo one great gaming PC easypeasy. now I know you are going to complain about this being far from a simple computer pickup, but the alternatives tracking down CGI in the US and he might shoot us.

PS. PM me if you have any queries, we can't alert the Pem last time I incurred his wrath he cursed me, and to this day I no longer have matching socks.

Last edited by mjk45 - on 17 February 2021

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