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Forums - Music Discussion - Ten 1990s Female Alternative Singers Most People Forgot

I'm just going to list them. This will fall into many alternative music, its fusion, and derivatives. I'm trying to include singers that I generally don't see much chatter about anymore - so I'm going to cut out bands like No Doubt, Hole, Garbage, Fiona Apple, Bjork, The Breeders, Kylie (who did alternative in the 90s), and such, because I see them or their band members brought up a lot.

Let's start with a trio of 1996 hits - these are 25 years old now, wow!

Back to 1991 - 30 years old!

That window in when androgyny became popular in the mid-90s. This one is a bit weird, because they were huge and then just vanished about 20 years ago.

Another rockin' song from an androgynous singer, although she kept the look.

Another big band that just kind of vanished from the public consciousness

And some American acts that were pretty good in the 90s that time forgot - so I don't appear racist against Americans (these are the things I worry about).

K, this is weird, because the band is obscure, but it's also kind of Mariah Carey in disguise - Mariah Carey who can somehow hit #1 with 25-year-old songs. This was from her secret alternative rock project in 1995. Her record label (headed by her then husband) put the axe on it so she had to release it before finishing the production. She released it secretly under the moniker "Chick" with her ex-roommate from her teen years as the front. Mariah's vocals are still in the backing tracks, but the main track was replaced.


Nirvana fans will probably be familiar with all three of the following:

And as a finisher, the 1992 and a song about Courtney Love from her former bandmate Kat Bjelland

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I'll take Sonic Youth for the win.

EDIT: Oops, just realized that was an 80's song.  Here is the same singer with a 90's song.

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Yasssss I loved rebel girl growing up. Also, the sneaker pimps should have been a lot bigger than they were.

Nice selection.
I had not heard some of them before but they still give a 90s nostalgia feel from the similar sounds.

The music videos though just remind me of the smack the pony parodies.

Cardigans are still pretty successful on Spotify though. Still ~3.5m monthly listeners and their last record is from 1996 I believe.

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Yeah, I still listen to The Cardigans.

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Looks like I only herd two of the songs before, the rest first time today. Don't feel like I missed much.



i remember the cardigans but thats about it.

Who remembers these guys

As someone who wasn't alive during 99% of the 90's, I'm only familiar with The Cardigans.

I know over half the songs that Jumpin posted, but I've never heard of the Cardigans.  At the very least I'm not familiar with the song he posted from them.

Here are a couple more from the 90's with female singers.

I really love the first two albums from Belly, but haven't heard the third yet.