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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Could Nintendo keep the Switch going until the launch of the 10th gen consoles?

2026/2027 is going to begin to become radically different even for Playstation/XBox.

I think the reality of game streaming will start to set in in a big way as we get closer to that point ... you'll be able to stream games on any device, including your phone, even outside of the house on 5G, at graphical settings beyond any consumer level game console. 5G will be available everywhere, even in subways. 

This product cycle (PS5/XBX) I think in a lot of ways is the last traditional one, things will start to shift after that. Where the Switch fits into that will be interesting to see.

Even data caps will become less relevant with A.I. video stream compression (so like a 1080p-4K stream could consume the data of only say 480p) which is already being worked on. Also I think fold out phones with tablet sized screens will also become more commonplace by 2026 and beyond.

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I don't see why not.

People are much more content buying old content like GTA V or Mario Kart 8, so an old console isn't too much of a stretch.

My prediction, absolutely not. I mean they could keep making great games for the existing Swtich and they will keep getting support of whatever 3rd party games can run on Switch.

But the true start of the 10th gen could be 6-7 years from now. I just don't think Nintendo will wait that long to launch some sort of upgrade.

Ideally they need to make something that has base PS4 power and can run 9th gen games with compromised resolution and graphics. If it takes 5 years to do it at a reasonable price, then they should wait. If they plan on launching something less than that in the near future, it could be a wasted opportunity.

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Wman1996 said:

I think a Switch successor should come out in 2023 or 2024. If they wait until 2025 or beyond, they really need to launch a Switch Pro or Plus in 2021 or 2022.
They also need even more compelling software than they already have if they are going to wait until 2025 or beyond.
-Mario Kart 9
-Super Mario Odyssey 2
-Pokemon Gen IX

I agree 100%.

I think a Switch Pro (w/ slightly beefier specs, 4K upscaling, and DLSS) could carry them to the 10th Generation. I would also consider a Switch 2 launching in 2024 to be the start of the 10th Gen personally. If Nintendo rolls out a Switch 2 in 2022, I would lump it in with the 9th Generation. 

I also think Nintendo needs to bring the three titles listed above to the Switch regardless if they go for a mid-gen refresh or a full on successor. I am really Jonesing for a MK9 and new F-Zero right now (Star Fox racing would be nice too, honestly). 

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This wouldn't make sense because it would likely mean years of declining profits. Traditionally tech businesses do not wait until their product is dead and their revenue is down 50% before introducting new cash oppotrunities. In the Switches case, it looks like either 2020 or 2021 will be its peak followed by decline. I think 2024 would be the latest Nintendo will introduce a successor, 2022 the earliest. We will likely never see another hard generation reset again, so whenever the Switch 2 arrives, I expect Switch 1 to be supported unlike previous nintendo devices

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They will launch Switch´s successor probably 2023/2024, not later.

It will because Switch itself is a 9th gen platform so the successor is the release of a 10th gen.

Switch will hit saturation well before the next round of PS/Xbox systems come out. They'd still have great software sales but terrible hardware sales by like 2026-2028. And there is no reason to. Switch, being a portable with near-console abilities, is best coming out mid-gen compared to the other systems so it can use better tech to be able to play games within reach of the current gen home console. If it a Switch 2 came out alongside the next round of home consoles it would have no chance to play any of those multiplat games made for the other systems. A Switch 2 coming out mid current gen (2024), like the Switch did in 2017, means it can use newer tech to be close enough to the current crop of home systems to play multiplat games that are made for those systems.

So it'd be a doubly bad business decision to let Switch hardware sales die off for years while also releasing Switch 2 alongside new home consoles so that it can't take advantage of better tech compared to current home consoles. Also people would rather be playing new Nintendo games in a few years with vastly updated hardware rather than the same level of hardware that previous iterations of their IP had 8-10 years earlier.

They should wait until mobile tech reaches the point where a Switch 2 can be to PS5/XS what Switch 1 was to PS4/Xbone power wise, (that is, close enough to get ports) and be sold for $300 at a profit.

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Wyrdness said:

It will because Switch itself is a 9th gen platform so the successor is the release of a 10th gen.

Nope. You don't get a generation all to yourself just because you launch mid-gen.