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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware Dec 13-19 - Switch Sales Top 75M, PS5 Tops 4M

eva01beserk said:
sales2099 said:

Well if you want something more grounded in fact, let’s take into account Bethesda skipped any summer showcase event and has stayed largely quiet for 2020. They are highly likely to spill details of multiple games once the acquisition goes through. That’s gonna be much bigger then any 1 game announcement Sony can surprise us with. Also it’s been 3 years since Forza Horizon made a sequel in a IP that takes 2 years to make one. Just another example that there’s plenty to be announced, arguably more so on team Xbox. 

Ok so PC gamers play Xbox games on PC. Fantastic. Still plenty of demographics that the Series S would appeal to.
Yes, I (narrative wise) and Xbox wins either way with PC expansion. That’s kinda their plan this gen. But god knows plenty of console only gamers are going to buy Series S, whether it be kids or console gamers of other brands buying one as a cheap secondary console. Just a couple examples. 

So what. Bethesda will still mot be  bought untill sometime this summer or something. And they already said they will respect all previous contracts so they are not gona pull anything schedule at least for this year.

I would assume in forzas case than a 7th entry of a forza game would not be such a good thing for the one so they held it for the series s and x. Thats very possible to come out this year. Will anybody be shocked that another forza is coming? Nobody will. That thing is like call of duty and FIFA.

I'm sure there will be plenty of people buying series s. As many as x? He'll no. And only untill the end of this year. Then it will become obsolete. Wich again brings back the point, it will not outsell the series x. Before you try to spin it again. I'm not bringing up amything about how well xbox will sell if it will be successful or not, just that between the 2 the x will come out on top.

I know I sometimes think you say something when you are agreeing to something. But can you blame me? I'm like 90% sure you are a MS employee. I just don't have the hacking skills to proove it. And if you ask why I think so its simple. There are many fans out there but they at least compare the competition to own them or whatever. You talk like a pr guy who believes the Xbox its in is own little universe where only what it does affects its success. So as long as it's better than before you think its good enoughf. While regular people see the competition also improving and they are not competing just against their past inmage but against the inmage of the competition that is also improving and they are still far behind. Its not about "its coming, just wait a bit more", its than right now the competition is killing it and looking like they will do even better when MS is barely starting.

So what? Lol ok. I actually heard March. I wouldn’t dismiss their projects so easily. And any comments about respecting existing contracts refers to Ghostwire and Deathloop. Anything unannounced or platforms unannounced is open season.

Series S is meant for casuals imo. Next year is still a fresh gen. I feel over the course of the gen the Series S will pull ahead. Once the 1st party does their assembly line one after the other anything is possible demand wise. We just have to come to terms that a lot of people don’t really care about specs as much as price. If it can play a game then fantastic. 

Hey im flattered, I’m just a fan who likes for the most part where they at, where they going and the games they making. I don’t consider Nintendo direct competition so their success is great to me. Sony is doing their thing but it’s also very traditional. I like the idea that if you can’t beat them by their rules, change the game. Hence Xbox has expanded into PC and mobile streaming where Sony largely isn’t following. Everybody wins. 

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


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VMCJonCarter said:

Pretty sure the end of 2020 The Switch Surpassed the 3DS life time sales.

Switch will easily overtake 3DS numbers with the upcoming numbers for the week ending 26th of December.

It's only 800k short and guaranteed to sell well over a million for the week.

I don't know about other countries in Europe but in mine (Spain) the S is very hard to find. You can find one but they are sold very quickly. Of course, stock seems very low.