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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Game Awards Thread (2020)


What cringe are you excited about?

Confusing game trailers 4 15.38%
A game you like winning t... 1 3.85%
Josef Fares going insane once again 4 15.38%
Geoff Keighley looking uncomfortable 9 34.62%
Hydrobot’s Revenge 1 3.85%
Awkward backstage attendee interviews 0 0%
Cliff Bleszinski insulting PC gamers 0 0%
Hideo Kojima barred entry once again 1 3.85%
Watching someone use a VR and actin’ a fool 0 0%
The unknown cringe 6 23.08%
heavenmercenary01 said:

So Nintendo will be just reminding us games for the whole night.
And what's with those massive shooting games? is there only one unique genre in Video games?

You either get a modern/futuristic gun game or a fantasy sword game. That's it. 

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lol that Tape recorder was Realistic brand! Radio Shack!

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Another walking sim from Sony as a MS one wins an award. Some are really great though. Played quite a few farming game completions/achievements.

Damn Gal Gadot is hot.

Nice.. cheers @Mar1217

hinch said:

Just tuned in.. did I miss much? :P

I have been updating the OP.

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Vin Diesel???

Outside of Perfect Dark and Sephiroth, been pretty average thus far.

Enter vin diesel.

CaptainExplosion said:

Nintendo sure has been trying to kill Mario a lot in these Smash trailers. Think they're mad at him for something?

Also, this may be the reason I get an Xbox Series X next year. :D

I think they all must have done something. Remember how they killed Luigi back with Simon Belmont was revealed?

And the award for worst looking CG trailer goes to...


Is this Turok?

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!