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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Game Awards Thread (2020)


What cringe are you excited about?

Confusing game trailers 4 15.38%
A game you like winning t... 1 3.85%
Josef Fares going insane once again 4 15.38%
Geoff Keighley looking uncomfortable 9 34.62%
Hydrobot’s Revenge 1 3.85%
Awkward backstage attendee interviews 0 0%
Cliff Bleszinski insulting PC gamers 0 0%
Hideo Kojima barred entry once again 1 3.85%
Watching someone use a VR and actin’ a fool 0 0%
The unknown cringe 6 23.08%
TruckOSaurus said:

Geoff Keighley's sneakers are distracting.

I am blinded by them! haha

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TallSilhouette said:

Good job, NMS. Thanks for all the free updates.

They really have done a great job mending wounds from that horrible launch.

Yay for Hades!! Best Action Game!

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Ha, Ghosts beat steroids part 2.

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Step right up come on in, feel the buzz in your veins, I'm like an chemical electrical right into your brain and I'm the one who killed the Radio, soon you'll all see

So pay up motherfuckers you belong to "V"

Was gonna rage if Tsushima didn't win best Art Direction.

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TallSilhouette said:

Was gonna rage if Tsushima didn't win best Art Direction.

I was hoping ori would win:(

PAOerfulone said:
JWeinCom said:

If I'd just heard that Sephiroth was in Smash, I probably wouldn't have been all that hyped, but that trailer got me. I actually gasped when One Winged Angel hit.

Being a wrestling fan and not playing Final Fantasy until fairly recently, whenever I hear 'One Winged Angel' my mind immediately jumps to Kenny Omega. Well, now I know where he got the name from.

Pretty sure V trigger is a reference to Street Fighter... that being said, from what I've seen Omega is kind of a doofus. Saw him yesterday talking about how he spent a year planning how to beat John Moxley... which he did by distracting the referee and hitting him with something. Really? That took you a year Kenny? Wasn't exactly Oceans 11 dude.

Every time ghost of tsushima wins some award against part II for some people is like:
“Yeah go Sony, F**k Sony”


Wierd that SEGA is making a new Alien Syndrome

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

The salt continues. xD