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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I've got all 4 FIFA games for Switch, am I a bad person? EDIT: now 5


Am I?

Absolutely 43 78.18%
Nay 9 16.36%
FIFA is god-tier 3 5.45%

A person with a bad taste perhaps...

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What's a Fifa?

People don't like change after all.

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Not at all. Just means that you have spare money to invest on EA continuing this lazy, soulless and mediocre cash grab for the sport fans year after year. Btw, I am not only talking about the switch versions, but sport sims games in its entirety.

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We reap what we sow

So you brought the same game 4 times..

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You're not a bad person; you're a terrible person.

You can buy whatever you want. Do you collect Switch games?

It pleases me that people like you can't hurt Switch for the good people.

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I know people joke about the main FIFA being the same game every year but the switch version is LITERALLY the same game every year.

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