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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Show your game room/setup 2020

Will post a bit later. Probably by the end of the year. It's quite messy right now and I plan to make some upgrades for my setup soon.


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BasilZero said:
V-r0cK said:

That looks like a small door behind. What's that lead to?

That is a door to a small attic storage space.

There's a total of 4 of them upstairs (2 in the media room and one in each of the two bedrooms upstairs).

When I had the house built and looked at the plan, I was a bit confused at first on why there were two doors in the media room until the builder told me it was for attic storage space which is nice, I got some stuff like old console boxes stored in them lol.

Ah nice! It's always good to have more storage.  Thanks for feeding my curiosity  

@d21lewis Damn, nice setup.

Cerebralbore101 said:

@d21lewis Damn, nice setup.

Thank you so much! That room is basically just full of things I love (a lot isn't pictured). Video games, comic books, Star Wars, family members, pro wrestling. A lot of times I just sit there and wish my cousin could have seen it. 

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We demand more. MORE SETUPS!!!

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You ask and you get!

This is a bed/sofa headboard with some gaming stuff.

And my office

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My little gaming corner. Just got new mid range PC one month ago. And yes, I like to connect it to my TV - all in one place.