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Forums - Gaming Discussion - We have Sony Ponies and Xbots, but what is the proper nickname for rabid Nintendo fans?

Wii U weirdos

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Chrkeller said:
Snesboy said:

Sony and MS don't either.


I call Nintendo only fans Nintendonerds.


Basil's YouTube Channel


I always assumed it was 'Nintendrones.'


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Immersiveunreality said:
AsGryffynn said:

Nintendorks is the one I use, but I rarely use it since Ninty fans are nowhere near as rabid. They are as zen as we Xbots wish we were.

I would say it is the most defensive fanbase, the nostalgia shields are pretty huge.

If you poke them with an stick, but otherwise they don't act nearly as obnoxious as... everyone else. 

What about those PC Elitist

In my childhood, i was called a Nintenerd.

So that seems to stick more.

There are many Nintendo fanboys who protect them for whatever they do like there are Sony and Xbox fanboys and as Spencer said it's one of the worst parts of the industry.

BasilZero said:

I call Nintendo only fans Nintendonerds.

Some people can only afford 1 console so you shouldn't call people fanboys just because they only buy 1 console per generation.

Way back in the day in old Gamepro forum I used to frequent, the derogatory term were:
Sony (I believe it was "Tools?") Not 100%. Flaming towards their fans wasn't used nearly as much as it was a heavily Sony board, so tough to remember..


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