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Forums - Gaming Discussion - We have Sony Ponies and Xbots, but what is the proper nickname for rabid Nintendo fans?

Never heard of any of these nicknames for Nintendo fanboys...or Sony Pony for that matter. Xbot is pretty much industry standard.

I don't really care for the fanboy wars, but for sake of brainstorming something catchy, I probably would go with Nintendon'ts or Nintendolts.

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Shiken said:

Nintendrone or drone seems to be the most widely used term.

That's what I use.

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Stellar_Fungk said:
Branko2166 said:

...but will swoon over the latest iteration of usual Nintendo games like Super Mario Brothers, Kart, or Zelda.

But I love the latest iteration of the usual Nintendo games, like Super Mario Bros. and the The Legend of Zelda.

We Nintendo fans are the most civilized and levelheaded gamers in the whole wide world. All thanks to us being affected by Nintendo’s wonderful games since childhood. We have a cultured past and presence.

To believe that this is not so... well, that’s what a fool would do.

It is understandable to be fair, nostalgia is very powerful.

After a few generations of a franchise you can get very attached. I wasn't so much criticising the attachment, merely calling out some double standards that some fanboys have.

I am still attached to the old school Heroes of Might and Magic type games as well as turn based RPGs.

With Playstation, I can't get enough of Uncharted, Infamous and Ratchet and Clank.



kirby007 said:


Laughed a little too hard reading this lol

JWeinCom said:

Well hung studs.

Even the ladies?! 

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I thought I go a bit out of the box for some variation:

Reggie babies
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RolStoppable said:


You made Animal Crossing gamers sad pandas. Not thet they weren't furries yet before. But they were less sad.

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Fei-Hung said:
JWeinCom said:

Well hung studs.

Even the ladies?! 

Specially the ladies.

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Verter said:
Fei-Hung said:

Even the ladies?! 

Specially the ladies.

Spooning ladies just took a turn. Lol


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