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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware Nov 15 to 21 - PS5 Launches in Europe to Record Sales

NSW vs. NDS/Wii Peaks (VG Chartz Data)

Black Friday week is next.  Last year the Switch did just under 1.9M, so 2M looks like a good bet (USA increase alone should carry it over).  Flat for the rest of the year gets us past 28M now, without considering potential November adjustments (NPD release next week).

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Well the theory of the Switch falling off a cliff after the PS5 and XSX launch is now debunked at least.

PS5 with the 3rd highest VGC week ever in Europe behind NDS during Christmas 09 (772K) and 08 (724K).

As weve got 53 weeks this year Switch below 28 million basically is impossible. Next week roughly 2 Million and then a minimum of 5 million in december is probably the very low end for switch sales. Still has a chance to pass the 30 Million.
2 million, 1.2 million, 1.5 million, 2 million, 1 million, 800k would be 8.5 million, which would put it to 29.6 Million. Can be a close one.

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Switch a week away from 70 milli

The ps5 ofc has been in production since 2019

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trunkswd said:
SKMBlake said:

The one which is undertracked

Oh yes of course that one. How silly of me. 

It's obvious, it's the good console that is undertracked, the bad ones are definitely overtracked.

So switch may be at 80+m at the end of fiscal year

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Eagle367 said:

Probably the last week ps5 is ahead of the switch for a while. But still good sales overall and awesome that switch is up 228,000. Shows that they are confident that japan will still be there after the holidays but the west is more urgent for the holiday

As long as Nintendo is able to keep a steady supply yeah, Switch will keep the global weekly lead for a while, though PS5 might edge out another top European week or two depending on it's own supply situation.