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Forums - Sales Discussion - Momotaro Dentetsu (NSW) - UPDATE 5 - 3 Million units

TomaTito said:

This game is supposed to be similar to Fortune Street?
Like a Japanese version of Monopoly?


but with theme of trains 

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Bofferbrauer2 said:
KrspaceT said:

I actually saw a bit of talk on how Japan doesn't quite hate Konami as much as the west does: a lot of the smaller games actually release there regularly and they don't have the same vitriol about Pachinko machines as we do.

Also no Jim Sterling equiv. Pity that because a Japanese Jim Sterling sounds entertaining.

I read that and my mind fused Jim Sterling with Segata Sanshiro...

I was thinking some unholy fusion of Kamina and Charles Zi Britannia with a bit of Light at peak madness sprinkled in for flavor. 

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?

Suprisingly Famitsu also made an report on this

And they said that the 500k is sold + digital

And we already got another update.

Game is now at 750k and those additional 250k took 7 days

So they the second shipment was delivered very weekly, overall I expect Momotaro to be over 100K physical this week.
Bringing total sell-through to over 450K which means they have likely already shipped over 600-650K physical copies in Japan already.

Seemingly the game can get closer to Super Mario Party's first-holiday performance.

Overall the game should pass 1 million physical in either the first or second week of January due to the lack of a high-profile Nintendo game this year. 

These were the hardware sales during Super Mario Party's holiday period: 

  • Week 47: 113.341
  • Week 48: 107.450
  • Week 49: 278.313(Smash Ultimate Launch)
  • Week 50: 285.513
  • Week 51: 300.661
  • Week 52: 186.806
  • Week 1: 225.698

TOTAL: 1.497.782

Super Mario Party Sales:

  • Week 47: 21.088
  • Week 48: 40.612
  • Week 49: 68.165
  • Week 50: 87.620
  • Week 51: 134.593
  • Week 52: 86.265
  • Week 1: 97.508

TOTAL: 535.851 

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Looks like Konami have a real breakout hit on their hands; when all's said and done, could end up as the #3 top selling third party Switch game in Japan after Minecraft and Monster Hunter Rise.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

250k sales added in the past 10 days.

Game is now a million-seller

Megiddo said:
noshten said:

It's between Square and Konami, it really does depend on how well Momotaro does. 

I would personally compare it to Super Mario Party, which launched far lower with 126.275 but is legging and bundling its way to 2 million. Mototaro's LTD floor is 1.5 million at this point

Wait, unless you're expecting Konami to take a fiscal loss by selling the game for 3k yen off when bundling with a joycon set as Nintendo did with Super Mario Party then I have to think you meant ceiling and not floor there, right?

Megiddo said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

It should already be close or beat 1M sales this year.

Also, 2-3k a week is when you are at the bottom. If you're more in the middle, you're actually closer to 8k a week. One year at that speed is worth over 400k sales.

Hahaha, wow. 1 million for Momotaro in just this year? At the end of 2020?

So uh, with it debuting around 300-350k this week you're expecting 650-700k in the remaining 5 or 6 weeks?

Megiddo said:
curl-6 said:

That's exactly what I'm saying, there doesn't necessarily need to be an example.

Unprecedented things can happen.

Right, unprecedented things can happen. Anything is possible.

Neptunia on PS5 could sell a million copies in Japan despite no Neptunia game ever selling even 100,000. Final Fantasy 16 could sell less than 100,000 copies in Japan. Monster Hunter Rise could sell 10 million copies in Japan or could sell less than a million copies in Japan. 

All of those are possible but all of them have no rational argument as to why it would be the case. What, exactly, is the point of commenting on something that has no foundational reason, logic, or sentiment behind it? It's a pointless waste of space is it not? Is not the point of these sales and metric-tracking threads to provide rational arguments based on already established trends and data?  

Unprecedented things can happen @Megiddo, no fiscal loss or joycon bundling was needed for Momotaro to perform stronger than Super Mario Party

Its at 1.5M million now. Outstanding performance.

Marth said:

Its at 1.5M million now. Outstanding performance.

It will probably become the first 3rd Party IP since Monster Hunter, Minecraft & Yo-Kai to break the 2.5 million barrier