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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft: Xbox Series S and X only next-gen consoles with full RDNA 2 feature set

Digital Foundry redeemed.

SonyGAF was so sure that AMD and Cerny were going to unveil RDNA3 on stage today inside the PS5.

Will be interesting to see what difference this makes over the course of the generation. No doubt Sony has custom alternatives to RDNA2 features but they won’t be as good.

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Damn straight. We will see the differences as the years go on. Too soon to see the difference

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Bandorr said:

Reading about this else where in general this just feels like random PR.
The "technical but who cares" kind of PR.

Sony isn't using Direct X ray tracing. Yet they are clearly using Ray tracing. Thus "technical but who cares".

This person gives an example.

It should be interesting to see how each system uses ray tracing and the results in quality and performance.  If Sony implementation is custom, how much custom is it and at what level of quality and performance are we going to see compared to AMD RDNA2 feature set.  If we go by Spiderman for the PS5, the quality of the RT reflections were pretty low.  Hopefully we have an example between both systems to get a good understanding the differences between implementations.

I have no idea what that means, but if it means better looking games, I'm all in.

Meh just PR stuff. I am pretty confident sony once again are gonna make great looking games on ps5 and most likely the best looking games. Third parties are the big question which they are known for close parity.

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shikamaru317 said:
This matches with the rumors that PS5 was originally designed as a 2019 console, but had to be delayed into 2020, full RDNA 2 wouldn't have been ready if PS5 was designed as a 2019 console originally. Also explains why PS5 has a 350 watt power supply compared to 320 watt for Xbox Series X, even though Xbox Series X is more powerful and has locked clocks compared to variable clocks on PS5; if PS5 is only RDNA 1.5 (RDNA 1 with some RDNA 2 features), we know that RDNA 2 is more power efficient, which would explain why Xbox Series can get away with a smaller power supply in spite of the console being more powerful.

Its more like custom RDNA 2 versus full RDNA 2 for the Series X. The PS5 is stated to be RDNA 2 in the teardown video. 

I've been seeing this rumor running around online for a while now, but these are the things that you cannot mention in here bcuz it is considered "console war,"
But anyway, my suspicions that the rumor might've been true started when MS kept mentioning DirectML while Sony did not. I'm really intrigued to see how this feature will be utilized in the future. The most logical thing would be to use it to implement its own version of DLSS.

Interesting. It would explain why Sony hasn't revealed much about their SoC compared to MS. Can't wait for technical analysis of these consoles.


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Thread was locked in Gaf as RDNA2 has DX12 support and that's why XBOX is the only one which can support all the features of RDNA2.

jardesonbarbosa said:
I have no idea what that means, but if it means better looking games, I'm all in.

It means they don't have any games to show so they talk up tech stuff ;)

Compare the games, not the tech babble. Not that Sony has much to show. I might just hold off on these next-gen consoles for a while, not all that excited about anything coming out. Weakest Q4 for me in forever, maybe I finally got old.