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Forums - General Discussion - Do you enjoy driving?

Not particularly. It's OK and can be midly enjoyable at times, but driving long distances is usually fairly tedious. Then there's also the issue of other drivers and some other factors. All in all, the cons outweigh the pros.

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yes. i like driving, and that is one of the reasons a fell "driving games are boring"... a rather drive "for real".

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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Only with stick. Automatic is sooooo boring...

After I moved across the pond I had to unlearn using the clutch, no pedal there, and kept trying to change gears! I still change to neutral to roll out to a red light, at least you can still do that with an automatic.

Stick or Automatic, it doesn't matter on long distances, cruise control, relax your legs and play with the buttons to speed up and down.

No, I hate it, it's so incredibly stressful. Way too much to concentrate on at once plus the constant crushing fear that my attention span will waver and I'll kill someone, or myself.

Although I know how to drive, I've chosen not to and use public transport instead.

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I'm 28 and I've never driven or even attempted to in my life, so no I don't.
Somebody could counter with "how do you know you don't like it if you've not tried it?" Well... I also haven't tried getting stabbed yet, but I wouldn't like that either so...

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So long as it's not too congested or too many idiots on the road. It can be a great opportunity to clear your head, get some thinking done, or listen to some music.

I enjoy driving on the highway in clear weather, light traffic, and with as few turns and exits as possible. A journey like this for a couple hours with good music playing is so relaxing.

I hate driving in NYC under any circumstances.

I also prefer not to drive when going out socially. If I drive I cannot drink.

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On nice, peaceful country roads? You betcha. In cities, especially busy cities, or on interstates? Hell to the no. I hate dealing with traffic and lane changes. 

If 25 is late then oh boy... I've still not learned to drive, but that's mainly because I've only just been able to get a license within the last few years due to my epilepsy, and whenever I have a seizure, the date until I can even book lessons gets pushed back even more. Fun times!

I love driving in video games. Not a care in the world. Go anywhere, bump anything, crash thru everything. Jump, flip, spin, boost, drift, sideswipe until my heart's content.

Not so much in real life, in cities, suburbs, or for commuting. I'd prefer Uber or Lyft. Even planes and trains are more tolerable than traffic.

I love track days, but those are expensive, and I'm semi-retired.