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Forums - General Discussion - Do you enjoy driving?

Sure, driving is fun. I don't need to drive for work though so no daily traffic jams for me. I prefer driving over flying any time. I've driven from Ontario to Washington DC and Amsterdam to Berlin instead of flying, much nicer.

I've driven in many countries through Europe, the US and Canada. France has the best motorways (toll roads), smooth, wide and fast. Most traffic goes up to 150 kph, yet you can go 160 or over without it even feeling that fast. Fastest we went there was 180 kph. It's not legal, but no cameras and hardly any traffic in the South of France, 3 lanes of ultra smooth road, go go.

Germany has sections without speed limits but it's always busy there with a mix of slower trucks and flashing BMWs. The lanes are less wide and the road is not as smooth. Here in Canada traffic also goes up to 140 kph. 100 kph is the limit yet traffic speeds up in non congested areas. Trucks also go up to 120 kph. Much safer imo than when trucks are limited to 80 kph with cars flying by.

The worse the weather, the more fun. Snow storms, epic downpour, heavy fog, icing, bring it on. Snow at night is beautiful, fog at night makes everything look really cool. Of course always adjust your speed based on the weather and always respect construction zones. I drive fast in clear non congested sections, however I always slow down for construction zones and other people working near the road. I don't care if you're right on my bumper flashing your lights, safety first. Same for local streets and school zones, just slow down.

Put me alone in a car with my music on full blast and I'll go anywhere. Driving is relaxing.

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S.Peelman said:
I’m pretty indifferent about it.

I live in a country that’s extremely busy, even at this time, so it’s not really my hobby because it’s too much work. Though I also don’t mind, driving at night is fine because then it’s less busy obviously and it’s also the best place to sing along with songs on the radio at an inappropriate volume.

My driving history is spotty though. I got my license when I was 18 already due to peer pressure (or really, I just wanted people to shut up about it), but then proceeded to not drive once after a month or two for the next 10 years because I lived right next to a metro station. One day about three years ago I was on my way to a meeting with my boss when he asked me to drive because he had a short night. I asked if he was sure because I hadn’t driven a car in 10 years upon which he replied that it doesn’t matter; it’s an automatic and a Tesla equipped with a billion safety features. After that my mother gave me her car when she got a new one herself and I quickly began to use it regularly.

I grew up in the Netherlands and yep, peer pressure, got my driver's license at 18 as well. I didn't buy my first car until I was 32... No need for one in Amsterdam, just a pita trying to find a parking spot. I got around a lot faster on a bike or public transport.

However before I moved to Amsterdam I lived with my parents in Apeldoorn and frequently drove their car. Most of my early experience came from the A1 over the hoge veluwe. Weekly visits to family further West made me the designated driver for the way back. Night time over the A1 before 'traject controle' was invented. 130 to 150kph while my parents were dozing off.

Driving in the Randstad during the day is a nightmare though, slow traffic all the time. I usually stayed late at the office since it was always gridlock at 5pm. No point sitting in a bus that can't go anywhere.

I started driving at the age of 27 (when I bought my own car). In the last four years I drove around 100000 kilometers (that is a lot for me, though that may be nothing for Americans). I love it. I don't drive to work so that is pretty much all for daily chores, holidays, everyday stuff etc.

It can be a really good time when you're by yourself, put some awesome music loud and sing all the way. Doesn't happen too often, though. And even then, that mood can easily be ruined if there's annoying stuff going on in the road (happens too often around here).

No. Well I wouldn't know. Don't have my license.

Dad I I used to clash heads (still do) with everything so learning from him was impossible. Then life got too busy and never had time to learn.



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I used to.

I liked the freedom and autonomy it affords. But as traffic gets worse as my city grows and my patience with other human beings gets thinner with age, it's more of a hassle than anything. Most of the people out on the highway are morons and/or maniacs, and clearly have no business being behind the wheel of a multi-ton motor vehicle. I avoid leaving the house if at all possible, only making necessary trips for the most part.


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Yeah I love driving. A manual transmission car or a really fast car is always fun. But even my automatic 4 cylinder was fun for a first car, me and my friend would just drive around town for hours, get some food, park in a... park.

Considering the state of the roads in my country, not really.

I love driving, especially in a small, sporty car. I used to drive just for fun regularly. Nowadays, because I drive cargo vans and SUVs, it's not as much driving to drive, but I still like it.

Only with stick. Automatic is sooooo boring...