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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pachter: "Nintendo should get rid of the Switch console and have only the Lite"

If anyone ever comes at me with a "it's my opinion, opinions can't be wrong" I'm using this as my source proving them otherwise.

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I find it reassuring to know someone like Pachter can still keep a job, it makes me feel more secure in my own employment, not to mention my own intelligence and competence.

And frankly, I find this take absolutely hilarious, and in these times, couldn't we all use a laugh. I mean seriously, this is probably the dumbest video game opinion I have heard in years. I'm used to shit takes by analysts in this industry but I struggle to think of one sillier than this.

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Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Get rid of the model selling the most units and keep the lower selling one and he thinks it's Nintendo not being smart?

Haha, he's such a master troll - he's been always doing these sort of things, lot of he says is just straight up trolling.

Is that guy still being paid for his prediction or analysis???

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Patcher is actually really good at what he does. Haven't you noticed whenever he opens his mouth it gets a million comments and gets people all upset? His articles always have ridiculous numbers


How does this guy still have a (what I assume is a high-paying) job?

Need something off Play-Asia?

"Game industry analyst Michael Pachter, who never shies away from criticizing Nintendo (or any other game company), made a few predictions for 2017. One of them is that he thinks the Nintendo Switch will be successful and that it will be sold out for months after release. "

Bofferbrauer2 said:

Now I understand why he's called an analyst... it's because he's pulling his things straight out of his ass.

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If so few plays the Switch docked then why on earth do most people go for the more expensive OG model? Heck, the Lite isn't even the best selling model in Japan.

That he "really doesn't understand the whole hybrid concept" says a whole lot about his incompetence. And this statement along with the recent idiocy from the Stadia Creative Director makes it so hard for me to understand how some people have the jobs they have.