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I think the best is...

Switch 52 46.02%
PS4 49 43.36%
Xbox One 12 10.62%

Xbox One for me. Great selection of all kinds of games I like and game pass is simply amazing. I much prefer stuff like controller, UI and ability to play with friends who are on PC.

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I don't have an XB1 or a Switch, so the default is PS4.

I will probably eventually get the Switch, if it gets a price cut. I have played a few Switch games.

8th gen has been great with PS4 alone and with the Switch later, 8th gen easily surpasses 7th gen even without the XB1.

Ps4 then switch.


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The Switch for me because it is so versatile. I like gaming with friends and the Switch just delivers the goods when it comes to local multiplayer. I also enjoy playing on the couch or while watching TV and the Switch is perfect for that.

The PS4 comes second but for some reason I didn't enjoy the PS4 and Vita as much as I enjoyed the PS3 and PSP last generation (the PSP especially was an amazing device.. yeah, I like handhelds). Hence, I'll give the Series S or maybe X a try as my second console this time.

PS4, Wii U and Switch are tie. Simple as gets, great games.

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Switch and it became eventually my all time fav console

The amount of games I have purchased for Switch is ridiculous, it has a great balance of new titles from Nintendo (BotW, Odyssey, Smash, etc), ports of great Wii U games (Bayo 1+2, Tropical Freeze, NSMBWU), ports/remakes from old consoles (FFVII to FFXII, Xenoblade Chronicles, Mario 3D Collection), some of the best indie games around (Celeste, Hollow Knight, Axiom Verge, Mark of the Ninja, Guacamelee, Hades). All of this available on the go! So it's hard to get any better than this.

Edit: Forgot to mention, a now pretty good selection of NES and SNES titles from Nintendo Online. Damn, Switch is amazing!

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Switch, easily. Not only does it have all of Nintendo's staples, it has a good supply of third party games, including the best version of the best third party game, Dragon Quest XI. For me, those things trump anything Sony or Microsoft could possibly offer.

Nintendo Switch bar none, hands down. It has nearly completely absorbed my gaming time. Being able to play games on lunch break at work and everywhere else I go, in addition to being at home is the primary reason I finish games anymore. It used to be that I would get into a game and then get distracted by the next one to come along. Now, my attention is more fixed on one game at a time now that I can play it anywhere and therefore more often. My power brick stopped supplying my XBox One with power a while back and it was over a year before I replaced it, because I was barely using it compared to the Switch already. So, yeah, the Switch is a no brainer for me.

Both the PS4, and the Switch succeeded failing consoles. They're both in good positions today. There's really no way to definitely say which was better than the other, in terms of redeeming their companies' failures. If you want to go into it by the numbers, I guess the PS4 takes it.