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I think the best is...

Switch 52 46.02%
PS4 49 43.36%
Xbox One 12 10.62%
Wman1996 said:
I got a Switch in July 2017. I got a PS4 (the pro version) in July 2019.
First-party is better on Switch. Very few could come up with a compelling argument otherwise. But third-party titles are better on PS4. Not only do you have a lot more AAA games, but you have plenty of smaller scale games and indies as well. I know Switch has a ton of small-scale games and indies, but the PS4 still has a good amount.
I mostly play games offline, but PS Plus is far superior to Nintendo Switch Online. Not to mention the option of PS Now. I've never tried PS Now, but it's a valid option for PS2, PS3, and PS4 games.
And of course PS4 can do a lot more besides gaming. DVD and Blu-ray movies, far more video apps, and even a simple internet browser.
PS4 and PS4 Pro are much better in specs and as a multimedia device. Though admittedly PS3 was a superior multimedia device. And portability for the Switch is a great option, though one I don't often use.
I will admit PS4 has the benefit of almost 7 years on the market. Switch has only been out for about 3.5 years. Maybe my opinion will change, but PS4 is the superior platform to me at the moment.
TL;DR PlayStation 4 is the best.

From my experience, PSNow is only really a valid option for PS4 games. I have a decent enough internet speed, but input lag was still a major issue when streaming. Most PS4 games could be downloaded by this point, so it's a non-issue for those. It's a shame because in terms of classic games, PSNow actually has a lot more to offer than Gamepass, but streaming means it's going to be hit or miss.

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I have a major Nintendo bias though.

I have not purchased more games for a single system before, and we are only 3.5 years in.

Nintendo's exclusives are second to none. Brand new entries in series on Switch have been some of the best and most ambitious they have ever been. Plus there is a decent back catalogue so far (that does need improvement).

The third party support (for a Nintendo only gamer) has been huge. So many franchises I've tried for the first time. I honestly do not care about late ports. If they are good games, bring em on!

Switch has become my favourite console of all time.


PS4 for me, it'll probably end up being my second favorite PS system (PS2 being the best) and 3rd favorite system of all time (PS2 and 360 being 1 and 2 respectively).

Even though I have had my issues with Sony this Gen, I can’t deny the PS4 as the best console gaming Platform.

Traditional Games on a TV and Gamepad
Traditional Games on Vita and Smartphone via Remote Play
VR Games with Gamepad
VR Games with Motion Controls

PS4 is the only console Platform that offers games in all forms. It has the best Traditional Games at Home, it delivers the best Traditional Games on the go (though it requires a solid internet connection, and it it the only one that offers a complete VR experience.

The competition is catching up in all categories, and has surpassed them in some supplemental areas, but as it stands PS4 is King of the mountain.

It is on Sony’s shoulders to take a giant leap forward with PSVR, PS Now, PS Store, and PS OS on PS5. Can they retain their advantage, as always, time will tell.

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Its a tie between PS4 and Switch for me. I cant choose right now.

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The 8th Gen has been quite mediocre, some fun games but overal pretty much the same as older experiences so it was slim pickings if you ask me. The Switch has been a breath of fresh air and if you count it as 8th Gen, I’d say it easily wins; it has Breath of the Wild, which alone beats everything I have for PS4 combined.

Google Stadia

Since I play most multiplats on PC, it pretty much comes down to exclusives for me and the Switch takes that.
Sony have really stepped up their 1st lineup in recent years which is great to see, but Nintendo have been on point with one amazing game after the other since the Switch launced.

Ultrashroomz said:
Google Stadia

Ultrashroomz, on the magic mushrooms again I see.

PS4 has the best library due to excellent 3rd party releases from both Japanese and Western studios, as well as the 1st party content. Switch takes second place, mostly for being only 3 years old, and not having a matured library yet. Xbox One is a distant 3rd used mainly to run western 3rd party games.

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