Forums - Gaming Discussion - "Konami" trends on Twitter with fans asking Sony to adquire their IPs in response to Micro's Beth acquisition

lol fanboy wars are pretty entertaining when you see a massive company buying another parent company.

"buy this so I can rub it in those fanboy's mouths!" is all I can see. They don't care whatever the fuck happens to anyone else, just as long as they can have bragging rights, and that's the sort of people I wish were not a part of this market.


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Konami and Bethesda really have an eerily similar track record as of late. Both have developed nothing of value since 2015 (Fallout 4, MGS V), and both of them buchered those same franchises in 2018 (Fallout 76, Metal Gear Survive).
Bethesda at least have some huge games on the horizon, god only knows what Konami is doing.

Or Sony buying Capcom

SanAndreasX said:
Jannlee48504 said:
I don't get it sony has tons of ip's and u want them to buy more just because microsoft leveled the playing all of a sudden its not fair? But when sony had all the exclusives it was fair and all people said was xbox has no games well now the do and now people are even more upset???? Y not just be happy for xbox ownerse

Sony built relationships with third party developers over time. They also built their own in-house studios. Nintendo likewise invested in developing and building value in its own IP.

Microsoft just got out its overflowing checkbook so they could cock-block competition in a market where it has overall been a very mediocre performer. This is the kind of predatory crap that landed them in front of the Department of Justice.

This is a bad take. MS has always had a very good relationship with Bethesda. TES 3 Morrowind was OG Xbox exclusive because MS was the only platform holder to support them in their dream of bringing Elder Scrolls to console. This isn't some case of MS just buying a publisher who would otherwise have nothing to do with them, this deal was only possible because MS already had a great relationship with them.

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Link_Nines.XBC said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Good IPs then. Konami don't have any of those either.

Suikoden says hi

Good call forgot about Suikoden!  I would like to see either Nintendo or Sony buy that ip as well.  Give it to Monolith Soft to give them another ip to work on...or buy Suikoden along with Rabbit and Bear studios and give them their game back to work on.

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Leynos said:
Ryotsu said:
Imagine Sony buying SEGA

DON'T! Don't you dare give them ideas!

Ryotsu said:
Leynos said:

DON'T! Don't you dare give them ideas!

You don't understand. I would become Dr Evil and end humanity.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

As much i love Sony to buy big company. It lack elegance and strategy. Sony need to defeat Microsoft in elegant way and small effort possible . They just need buy great studio and a lot and make new IP that will be greater than bethesda IP

I don't think it has to be Sony, but it would be nice if someone actually did something with all the IPs Konami have just either collecting dust or fueling their pachinko business.

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Of all the major Japanese publishers that Sony can buy, Konami would be the worst choice.