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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox acquires Bethesda

recent bethesda games haven't really became massives hits though,
ever since the mess that was 76,

fallout 4 was the last big thing and it wasnt that big like skyrim,
if they do pull another skyrim in elderscroll 6 then this acquisition would be a very excellent move,
but if the 79 bullsh'z continue then its just money down the drain

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Microsoft ain't fucking around.

Reading the press release, they mention Bethesda games coming to Xbox, GP, and PC. No mention of Playstation.

RIP doom :(

Maybe on Switch

They'd need 6.2m people to subscribe to gamepass for a year just to cover the revenue fallout 4 alone made.

They will keep releasing Bethesda titles on other systems because they need the revenue it brings.

The only other alternative is to raise the price of gamepass.

MasonADC said:
This is crazy, especially because NO ONE saw it coming and it didnt get leaked at all.

I think bethesda games at the very least will be timed exclusives to xbox now. I cant imagine them being day one on playstation

They won't.

What has been announced so far will come to the platforms they were slated tocme to. But everything else, would be Xbox/PC exclusive. 

Or more specifically, gamepass exclusives. 

I won't say I saw it coming, but I will say I am not surprised in the least. This is exactly what MS needs to do to compete or to make GP viable. They obviously are lacking when it comes to having games to rival the best from sony/nintendo. This changes that.

What people should be worried about though, is what Sony would do about this. Sony would have to acquire certain studios too. If nothing else, from fear that if they don't MS would. 

Hence consolidation, its now not going to be enough to just have games on your platform, now, the war is going to be about making sure those games aren't on ay other platforms.

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That's crazy. Glad that MS bring all their games to Steam now so it won't affect me in the slightest

Well this is huge....

But makes sense, The elder scrolls thanks to Morrowind always had more fans with Xbox gamers and the game will still release on PC so the devs and gamers seem to be happy.

I must say I kind of have to laugh with 20/20 (20 studios by 2020). All those Xbox gamers hating on Phil because they expect 20 studios in 2020....and then this happens;..23 fecking studios....

So Microsoft are about to release a timed exclusive on PS5 in the form of deathloop. Nice!

I kinda wonder if this means the end of bethesda e3 conference. Xbox would probably want their games on the main showcase and now you can end a xbox showcase with the elder scrolls 6 (whenever it happens).