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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox acquires Bethesda

I laughed so hard when I saw this news on Twitter. Hopefully the major and established stuff stays third partu like Fallout and Skyrim and the new stuff like Stanfield could be console exclusive.

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What about escalation?

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its going to be a waste of acquisition,
they will still do multiplatform,

but if they do go the other way around this will increase xbox consoles exponentially

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Flashing the cash. Wonder how this will affect the game franchises they have, mainly as not releasing on certain platforms will hurt income overall.

Hmm, pie.

That's $7.5B to increase their game studios from 15 to 23. Will there be a response?

And this right here folks... is what you all should have really been afraid of when MS started their whole gamepas thing.

This is how you make a service like that viable. You acquire studios. An what would this mak sony do in turn? They would acquire some studies of their own to.

This is going to result in heavy consolidation.Lol... pro-consumer. How people didn't see stuff like this coming is beyond me.

MS is competing the only way they can, just simply buying the market lol.

KLXVER said:
Thats just crazy. Really hope this isnt becoming a trend. If Sony or MS buy Capcom Ill fucking lose it.

Nintendo. Please. I'll lose it.

Wow that is big news