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Question: does it make sense to block games from getting to sony's platform?

In an emotional console war, sure it does. But in the name of profit? no. They want players considering buying a playstation to know that Doom, or The Elder Scrolls, or FIFA, or Madden, are $70 there. But that their console comes with two years of free access to those games, plus hundreds of others. That is quite compelling.

Failing to convince players to get an xbox and sign up, their next hope is to get you, the guy who was gonna buy on steam, or playstation, to get your Fallout at a fraction of the cost, through game streaming or game pass for PC. Can they get millions of laptops, smartphones, etc, buying an xbox controller and paying for gamepass? They want their games to be big, youtube successes like Animal Crossing was for Nintendo, and they want to profit by always positioning themselves as the best and cheapest way to play the game.

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sundin13 said:


Again, this is under the assumption that Xbox will shift these games towards exclusivity which we don't know yet, but it seems strange to spend this much money on a brand and then not utilize it to produce exclusives...

It is strange, but Microsoft spent big on Minecraft and then released Minecraft Dungeons day and date on all consoles, all the while Minecraft getting continuously updates everywhere.

You may find the lack of coherence and logical thinking on Microsoft's part perplexing (and it is), but that's just who they are. They have no clue, but they have money.

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I really don't know what to think yet about this. I am still going to build a new gaming PC sometime next year or when my current PC hits road blocks, then get a PS5 once enough exclusives release for that. But as long as Microsoft keeps game prices low and I can get their exclusives on PC I'll be okay with this. If I have to buy an Xbox though, I won't be. I was enjoying the status-quo of most big releases being multiplatform Xbox, Playstation, PC, and sometimes Nintendo. It felt fair and even.

I wonder if this would force Sony to release some (or most of) its exclusives on PC to compete as a potential ecosystem. That'd be great.

So yeah, what I think about this depends on the consequences.

Fail to see how this is supposed to be impressive. FO and ES have been junk for years. But if this means more Doom and Dishonored, then thats great.

d21lewis said:
All's fair but damn. This could potentially be really anti-consumer. Like when we had HDD vs Blu Ray and only certain movies were available on certain devices. You HAD to own both or miss out until we eventually had a winner. This is the opposite of the future I want.

That may be true if it was Sony that purchased them. But we know Microsoft is pushing games on Gamepass for Day 1 releases. And Gamepass is the best deal for gamers today and in the future. Especially when prices for games are increasing. 

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chakkra said:

The only thing I regret is that this wasn't leaked as a rumor a week before. It would have been glorious to read all the threads that such a "rumor" would have generated.

no leaks is insane

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goopy20 said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
LOL so now we are saying that when Sony strikes these deals, money isn’t involved. They are just “leveraging their user base advantage”. No way.

Anyways, I still don’t believe this is true. What a massive deal.

Me: man Deathloop looks great, wonder how long Sony paid to keep it off of Xbox

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Carl said:
I'd fully expect them to be Xbox brand exclusive now.

But I'd also fully expect Xbox Game Pass to eventually make its way to competing platforms.

You think Sony would allow Gamepass on PS5? 

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yvanjean said:
 You keep earing that people don't play old games but the biggest exclusive release on PS5 is Demon Soul's remake.

Eh, this remake is basically a new game. Technically speaking. For me, this is the most next gen looking game for now.

Spike0503 said:
Sony needs to buy Square-Enix ASAP and From Software too, that would help them a lot with having strong permanent RPG exclusives.

I would love for that to be their response. I can’t think of anything except maybe Konami that I would give any less fucks about.