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Forums - Sony Discussion - Anyone else felt underwhelmed with the FF XVI reveal?

Fei-Hung said:
Nautilus said:

I honestly didn't understand what you meant. Your phrase wasn't really well written.

But I'll reply to what I think you mean: The deaths that do happen in FF 7 are more poetic. People die there not for the sake of dying, but they have meaning to it, they build up to it. And all that with few drops of blood. FF XVI seems(and I really want to emphasize that it seems) that its going more for the schock factor that Game of Thrones is known for in its kills. So yeah, it seems like very Game of Thrones inspired, but I guess we will see.

And for the record: Yes, I hated the direction Naughty Dog went with TLOU 2, with the constant killing of characters as if they were flies, with no weight(outside of 1 or 2) behind those kills. One of the many things that turned me off on the game.

Aah, that makes sense. To be honest the only FF I played is Remake, and as you said the deaths felt organic and their story really well told. Hopefully, it will be less GoT inspired and more FF inspired.

Such a strange thing to say.

Being dark and medieval was a thing before game of thrones existed, like a thing the first final fantasys were too. What's next ,saying the war of the roses is game of thrones inspired? :p

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Yeah, looks like they are going with the FF15 direction and not the traditional FF route.

FFXV was my first FF game and I'm very excited after this trailer, cant wait for more to be shown about the combat.

ff16 and re8 both have problems with their trailer demo,
them frame rates hahaha