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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How much will Mario 3D All-Stars sell lifetime?


How many total (digital+physical) copies of Mario 3D All-Stars will sell lifetime?

<10 million 4 14.81%
10 or 11 million 2 7.41%
12 or 13 million 6 22.22%
14 or 15 million 3 11.11%
16 or 17 million 5 18.52%
18 or 19 million 1 3.70%
20+ million 6 22.22%

Mario 3D All-Stars will be available for just over 6 months from Sept 18 to March 31. It seems Nintendo is already having problems estimating demand as there have been multiple reports of retailers large and small running out of their initial shipments and not knowing when more shipments are coming in. But seeing as how it's just a card and plastic case and not a large piece of hardware like Nintendo normally screws up availability of (Wii, Switch, Ring Ft, NES Classic, SNES Classic) I would assume they should be able to easily correct the situation with plenty of physical copies soon.

So how many copies (physical + digital) do you think Mario 3D All-Stars will sell during its 6 month lifetime?

I'm gonna say 17 million. Probably something like 13 mil physical and 4 mil digital.

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As many copies as Nintendo bothers printing.

Depends largely on Nintendo. The decision to make it available for a limited time is still just baffling to me, but there's no doubt the collection will sell extremely well. However many copies they make available is what it will sell + digital of course.

Well it's coming halfway through Switch's life. If we are just talking this version of it, then it only has like what, 6 months to sell? If that is the case... you know what, no. I have no idea. We are in unprecedented times and this is an unprecedented type of launch of a game bundle, so I have absolutely no idea. It could sell anywhere from 5 million to 25 million and I wouldn't be surprised lol.

Over 20 million, no doubt

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I chose 18m. If they decide to restock, they can really do some big numbers. 18m is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Most games don't do those numbers.

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Cerebralbore101 said:
As many copies as Nintendo bothers printing.

Came here to say THIS.

If we include digital, about 16 to 17 million. 20 million isn't even too out there. I think it might be able to manage 10 million physical copies, or at least 7-8 million.

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11m by the end of March. Sales boosted due to the limited time offer.

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