Forums - Sales Discussion - BOLD PREDICTION: PS5 and PS5D to be $399 and $349 respectively

Sweet spot would be $449.99 and $399.99 to make it very interesting and pretty good price wise imo

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$450/$400 is the best that can happen.
$500/$450 is the most likely.
$500/$400 should be their goal.

The best case for PS5 price I see is $399 for digital and $499 for standard. While the GPU and CPU should be slightly cheaper than Xbox Series X, the "secret sauce" of the SSD and all the extra stuff in the controller will likely offset the difference. At those prices, Sony would be losing more on the digital edition as a 4K Bluray drive doesn't cost much, only around $30. I'd say $449 and $499 is most likely.

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Big no to $399 PS5 with disc. 

- There's not much of a strategic case for Sony to undercut the $499 Series X with the disc model. Especially since $399 would involve a subsidy of over $100 dollars. The price sensitive consumers will go for the discless version. PS5 disc version will be $500.

$399 for the digital would be quite bold in its own right. $349 would be impossible. 

- I think you've underestimated the cost of the next-gen APU and also the DDR6 modules. Bear in mind that aside from a $30 UDH drive, the lions share of the difference between the $500 Series X and the $300 Series S comes from fewer compute units in the GPU and 6GB less RAM, assuming the loss-leader subsidy is the same. I assume therefore PS5D will be at least $400. 

Obviously I hope you're right but it's not realistic to predict it. Even at $400 for the digital it would still be a $100 delta while targeting 4k and similar performance to the Series X. That sounds competitive to me, no need to go bankrupt at $350

Damn, imagine if Sony was ok losing 100-200 per console sold. Would be crazy. I'm expecting 499 for the disc version and 450 maybe 399 for the digital version.

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£329 & £429 here in the UK


$400 and $500 is the most realistic outcome. Maybe Sony gets real bold and pulls a $350 and a $450

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I see $499 and $399

Or $449 and $399

$50 difference isn't much incentive for people to buy the digital which is what Sony want you to do. So $499 $399 is more beneficial to Sony.

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Good luck finding it this year at $399, will be sold out everywhere. With their big fan base they have no reason to sell it at $399, I just hope it's not more than $499.