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Forums - Sony Discussion - More PS5 Game Covers - They're growing on me!


How do you feel about the PS5 game cases now?

They're still awful 11 22.00%
They look bad but aren't awful 6 12.00%
I really don't care: It's... 7 14.00%
They look alright I guess 14 28.00%
They look great 12 24.00%

So Push Square have posted a picture of some more PS5 game covers that were found on JB Hi-Fi (Had no idea what it is, turns out an Australian game store, lol)... and honestly there's two of them that I REALLY like;

I know the PS5 game cases have received pretty mixed to negative opinions here, but when I first saw the Spider-Man Miles Morales cover, I loved it, thought the white banner with blue box really helped it, and I feel the same way about both Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion too... think the white banner really suits their box art in particular, also Planet Coaster looks rather appealing. Two of the three games I mentioned have white logos, which I think is what makes them look more appealing, whereas I just think the colour choice of Assassin's Creed makes it look very... clean.

What about you guys? Do any of these games make the PS5 cases look better or worse, do you still think they look good or bad, or are you indifferent?

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A case is a case. You wont even notice it 30 post launch

WTF people complaining about basically a PS4 case with a different header colour?



Nah still hideous. I'm going all digital on PS5 anyway so these won't ever defile my living space.

Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

It would be gorgeous if the case was white.

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Still ugly. Should have been black

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Don't and never much cared about the cases... being that I was all-digital in the PS4gen and will be doing the same next-gen.

However, I feel the cases would have looked better if they were white or black.

Looks the same as the ps4 ones to me. I don't see the difference

dane007 said:
Looks the same as the ps4 ones to me. I don't see the difference

You don't see the difference between a big blue bar across the top, and a big white bar across the top? Lol :P That's pretty much the only difference, oh and the text is black, that too... yet it seems a ton of people REALLY dislike the change, lol

BraLoD said:
It would be gorgeous if the case was white.

If I could make one change it'd definitely be making the case either white or clear, but I'm still fine with them being blue, it really does fit with some games, others not quite though, lol