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Forums - General Discussion - What's morally acceptable to you?

What is wrong with suicide

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Medical testing on animals: 56%- May be immortal depending on the animal and the test.

Buying and wearing clothing made of animal fur: -Immoral
The death penalty: 54%- Possibly moral depending on standard of evidence. Not moral in our current legal system.
Sex between teenagers: 38%- Not immoral, but should be discouraged.
Suicide: 18%- Moral, but we should require a mandatory long term inpatient intervention. If they still want to do it, then I guess.
Cloning humans: 12%- Too many questions on how it would be done.
Married men and women having an affair: 9%- If the spouse doesn't know and approve, immoral. Otherwise, moral.

Poor women shouldn't be getting knocked up by guys that don't care about them.

Where’s prostitution and and hard drugs?

Also why no definitions for morally wrong and sin?

My guidepost for if some behavior is right or wrong:

Does it hurt anyone else besides myself? Assuming they can’t easily get over it.. if my behavior causes great pain to someone then the act is immoral.

Suicide: immoral. My brother did that when I was 13 and it fucked up my family for life.

Prostitution: moral. I never want it. I’d rather get laid the proper way. Hurts no one if single.

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The baseline is if it doesn't hurt innocent people then it's free to do. If it hurts people who deserve it it's also free to do. The former has obviously priority over the latter.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.



- Stem cell research using human embryos (unless they're stillborn)

- Medical testing on animals (unless it's non-lethal and low stress)

- Death penalty

- Abortion (unless in certain circumstances such as significant danger to the mother's health)

- Cloning (in general)

- Polygamy (and polyamory)

- Having an affair (married or not)

- Euthanasia


- Gambling (if it's well regulated)

- Divorce (sometimes people separate really quickly, but of course one shouldn't be stuck in a toxic relation)

- Suicide

- Pornography (I don't think it should be so easily accesible)

- Birth control (between partners, sure, but not as a means to sleep around)

- Wearing animal fur (if it's made out of hides from animals that were bred for consumption of meat, if they were solely bred for the fur, then it's not ok)


- Smoking marijuana (within limits)

- Drinking alcohol (within limits of course)

- Having a kid outside marriage (as long as it's in a stable relationship)

- Gay or lesbian relationships

- Sex between unmarried people (as long as it's not a bunch of constant one night stands)

Of those I'd say;

- Cloning of humans
- Having an affair
- Fur clothes
- Porn if illegal

Depending on circumstances
- Sex between teenagers
- Medical experiments on animals
- Cloning of animals
- Death penalty
- Polygamy

- Birth control (obviously)
- Drinking, smoking or gambling (I think it's stupid, but everyone has their right to mess up their own bodies if they want to)
- Divorce (obviously)
- Sex and/or having children while unmarried (who cares)
- Gay/lesbian relationships (why care)
- Stemcell research (embryos won't know anyway)
- Abortion (women have the right to have a child when they're ready)
- Legal porn
- Suicide, assisted suicide or euthanasia (if I want to die tomorrow it's my own business, I have the right to decide for myself if I want to live or not)

For me, moraly unacceptable:


I am a Nintendo fanatic.

Essentially everything that doesn't negatively impact a non-willing participant is morally acceptable.