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- Stem cell research using human embryos (unless they're stillborn)

- Medical testing on animals (unless it's non-lethal and low stress)

- Death penalty

- Abortion (unless in certain circumstances such as significant danger to the mother's health)

- Cloning (in general)

- Polygamy (and polyamory)

- Having an affair (married or not)

- Euthanasia


- Gambling (if it's well regulated)

- Divorce (sometimes people separate really quickly, but of course one shouldn't be stuck in a toxic relation)

- Suicide

- Pornography (I don't think it should be so easily accesible)

- Birth control (between partners, sure, but not as a means to sleep around)

- Wearing animal fur (if it's made out of hides from animals that were bred for consumption of meat, if they were solely bred for the fur, then it's not ok)


- Smoking marijuana (within limits)

- Drinking alcohol (within limits of course)

- Having a kid outside marriage (as long as it's in a stable relationship)

- Gay or lesbian relationships

- Sex between unmarried people (as long as it's not a bunch of constant one night stands)