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Of those I'd say;

- Cloning of humans
- Having an affair
- Fur clothes
- Porn if illegal

Depending on circumstances
- Sex between teenagers
- Medical experiments on animals
- Cloning of animals
- Death penalty
- Polygamy

- Birth control (obviously)
- Drinking, smoking or gambling (I think it's stupid, but everyone has their right to mess up their own bodies if they want to)
- Divorce (obviously)
- Sex and/or having children while unmarried (who cares)
- Gay/lesbian relationships (why care)
- Stemcell research (embryos won't know anyway)
- Abortion (women have the right to have a child when they're ready)
- Legal porn
- Suicide, assisted suicide or euthanasia (if I want to die tomorrow it's my own business, I have the right to decide for myself if I want to live or not)