Pragmatically this question is important, but rationally I would consider it incoherent. It presupposes moral realism and ignores the rather popular noncognivist stance in metaethics.

That being said, I would be more interested in an age group demarcated poll than a broad one such as this. Old people dominate the population at the moment so I think we're retaining much of the morality of individuals from 1930-1950. Show me what Millennials think, or Generation Z relative to boomers.

Ka-pi96 said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
What is wrong with suicide

If you have people that are close to you and care about you... a lot!

Speaking from personal experience.

You seem to be suggesting that if one's actions cause any sadness to anybody, even tangentially, that this is an immoral action.

That seems difficult to defend. If I beat you in a game of chess, surely you will be sad about losing. All I've done is play the game to the best of my abilities though.