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Forums - NSFW Discussion - Sexiest non-genital body part


I choose...

Breasts 36 33.64%
Bum 23 21.50%
Face 16 14.95%
Abs 7 6.54%
Legs 8 7.48%
Feet 8 7.48%
Other 9 8.41%

What part of the body, not counting sex organs themselves, do you find the most attractive/sexy?

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Face and ass for a close 2nd. But also I’m a sucker for a hairy chest.

Tho really I think my order would be
Face > cock = ass > chest
And of course, personality 🔥

Boobs... can't see this turning out any other way, unless the gay population of VGChartz is larger than I imagined.

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I think hands and arms can be particularly sexy, especially when wet!

(...Don't give me that confused look, hands are essentially sex organs for lesbians for reasons that I think need no further explanation!)

Wait, with that question you're telling me that vulvae are supposed to be attractive? IDK, Face, hips, breasts, legs; those are some of women's selling points.

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Eh, I think y'all really sleeping on ears.

Feet, calves, shoulders, neck

Difficult,i tie what i find sexy a lot to what i find romantic or sensual.
Hand and arms,face,shoulders and neck,the curve going from stomach to hips.

Genitals are not really looking that attractive to me.