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Forums - Sales Discussion - Is there a possibility that the Nintendo Switch will be the best-selling console?

Yep. It has a way biggest library than the DS and still has a lot to offer (the usual suspects + second pokemon generation and at least one other remake), and is 2 generations ahead as a handheld device, it still have a price cut to offer too and end its life with at least +3000 games which hasn't been achieved since the Game Boy family (which went for 15 years with 2 major revisions and 3000 games released on it)

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Kyuu said:
It's not impossible but right now the safest prediction is 120-130 million lifetime, which is PS4 territory.

I agree with this, which is obviously a very good result.

The thing is DS had such extraordinary high yearly sales and PS2 had such an extraordinary long life that I doubt anything can ever match that. PS4 had such a flawless generation yet still doesn’t come near the two at the top.

Not impossible but quite unlikely.

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There could be a chance, if the current system will be supported by Nintendo a long time after its successor will be released. The current model could then be sold at $ 149 - 199, the Switch Lite at $ 99 and the successor in a similar range like the current model now (between $ 300 - 400. This should mean that a few games will be released cross-gen. Nintendo usually don't do this a long time, if at all.

So its depending on Nintendo's strategy. I see a small chance.

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No chance IMO but what do i know

My guess is that Nintendo will come up with a line of compatible Switch consoles (like the Gameboy/Color/DS/3DS), so no one of them will be the best seller... but the sum of all combined will be huge.

As a console, NO.
Consoles are dedicated gaming machines. The Switch is neither a console nor a handheld, but a hybrid of the two.
As a hybrid, in theory can capitalize into the handheld segment for sales, specially with the lite version, but even then when combined as a whole I don't see it selling more than 120-130 Millions, due to the fact that by the time it does (2023-2024) a Switch successor should start to opaque Switch1 sales.

Surpassing the Wii seems plausible, and surpassing the GB seems difficult but posible. No way it's surpassing the DS, that level of sales is difficult without the stars aligning.

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