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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What kind of Super Mario game do you want Nintendo to make next?


What kind of Mario game do you want?

A New 2D Platformer 18 31.58%
A new 3D Platformer 22 38.60%
A new Party/sports game 3 5.26%
A new Mario Kart 1 1.75%
A Compilation 5 8.77%
Other (comment) 8 14.04%
p0isonparadise said:
Super Mario Bros. 5
Mario Kart 9
Super Mario Odyssey 2

There is a super Mario bros 4 ?

I agree with that list

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Aside from my unrealistic answer before, if we get SM64, Sunshine, And Galaxy 1/2 all in one compilation, running in the Odyssey engine I'm gonna be pumped. Actually, I'd be willing to take that compilation in release graphics, just updated resolution, controls, and potential online components.

Wow Alex, this is really tough one.

I want something freshest new Super Mario game other than you mentioned the genres.

Super Mario the visual novel game.

Mario Kart 9...but since we aren't going to get that on the Switch, A 3D Mario sequel to Odyssey, followed by a 2D Mario the following year called Super Mario World 3.

Both 2D and 3D:

A brand new 2D game that feels like a worthy sequel to SMW but in the Mushroom Kingdom, with the return of throwing enemies/items straight upwards; loved that gameplay mechanic.

And Galaxy 3, similar to Galaxy 2 in that there's no tedious hub area - just straight to the levels.  To me, the Galaxy games remain the most successful at truly transitioning Mario gameplay into 3D:  Feels like true 3D (not just isometric) while progressing through linear structured levels.  Plus, the spherical design dynamic is just too cool.

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KLXVER said:
Nautilus said:

Yeah, I agree completely. Dream Team was such a drop in quality, that I was very dissapointed. Hope that Nintendo revives the franchise soon.

Absolutely. The latest entries feel like its mostly tutorials. Also whoever came up with the mini-game like modes where you turn your DS/3DS sideways should be banned from the team.

I kind of liked the giant battles in Bowser Inside Story lol

But yeah, the series needs a fresh look. I still hold on to hope that Nintendo will use assets from Odyssey to build the new Mario and Luigi and the game have a similar visual style. I mean, if Paper Mario can look that good, Mario and Luigi deserves better.

But yeah, we are probably more than a few years off a new entry, with AlphaDream closure.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Galaxy 3 since I never played the first two on Wii. I always wanted to play those games, but could never justify buying a console for two games.

Galaxy 3

Honestly, I think they should be on something like a 4 year rotation along the lines of 2D, 3D, Kart, Paper or RPG. I think it is ridiculous that we're going ten years between Karts, and the others aren't much better.

A 2D platformer with an artstyle change similar to the 2D art concepts we usually get would be phenomenal !

Also, they should make it run a bit wilder with their world themes, something akin to Super Mario Land 2

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