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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What kind of Super Mario game do you want Nintendo to make next?


What kind of Mario game do you want?

A New 2D Platformer 18 31.58%
A new 3D Platformer 22 38.60%
A new Party/sports game 3 5.26%
A new Mario Kart 1 1.75%
A Compilation 5 8.77%
Other (comment) 8 14.04%

I think time ia due for a new take on the 2D Super Mario formula.
Since I already played Tropical Freeze and NSMBU on WiiU, the Switch still lacks a great new 1st party 2D platform

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Either new mario&luigi with new modern graphics or another 3d mario where he has a weapon like cappy. Odyssey & 3d world are the onlyd3d marios ive enjoyed because of the improved combat. It always frustrated me in otherd3d marios that items were temporary.

Well I'm always in the mood for a new Mario Kart, but if we get MK9 on Switch I would be very surprised. If we do it'll be close to Switch 2 release and be cross-gen / ported later.

So in order probably....

Mario Kart 9 > Super Mario Odyssey 2 > Super Mario Strikers Reboot > Super Mario Party 2 > New 2D Mario Style >>>>>>>>>>>>> NSMB Switch

Last edited by Barkley - on 05 August 2020