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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Rate The Xbox Games Showcase


How Would You Rate The Xbox Game Showcase?

10 9 5.26%
9 11 6.43%
8 32 18.71%
7 19 11.11%
6 35 20.47%
5 24 14.04%
4 19 11.11%
3 11 6.43%
2 7 4.09%
1 4 2.34%

What did you think of the Xbox Games Showcase?  Vote in the poll.

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No poll... vote it a 6/10 as MS have learnt from old mistakes but still no hype

Halo sold it for me, not surprised but that Gameplay was nostalgic.
Good showing all round.

Ill give it a 3/10. Even less excited about the Series X than I was before the showcase. Not really MS fault. The 360 is one of my favorite consoles of all time. Im starting to think that console was the exception, not the rule. Im just not an Xbox guy I guess.

Pretty lackluster for me. 5/10. Gave absolutely no reason to purchase an Xbox Series X this holiday.

Halo, their flagship title, looked beyond mediocre.

I'm not buying that State of Decay 3 is going to look anything like that when it comes to the gameplay.

Very surprised they didn't show real gameplay for Forza to counter GT7.

No real Hellblade update tells me that it is still very far away.

Fable was to be expected - but again no gameplay.

I think team Xbox sold a ton of PS5's today... IMO

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6/10 sounds about right for me too. Nothing new that really excited me.

Halo Infinite looks solid despite having that definite crossgen look to it, Outer Worlds DLC is worth checking out, State of Decay 3 is a maybe. Severe lack of gameplay footage for most titles.

I am dissapointed that Forza is not coming this year.

I will go with 7.5/10. They showed a lot of games that has me excited to play on my PC. The problem is with Halo...

If you told me this game was in early access... I'd believe you... The gameplay itself looked fun but hot damn, the visuals was worse than I was expecting. Some aspects look fine but others just look meh. Gamepass is gonna be killer though.

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3/10. i'm very disappointed.

The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima look more impressive on PS4 than all new Xbox Games oO

And no exclusive title has been announced for the new xbox. That's incredible!

In August we may see the second PlayStation 5-Presentation and in September the Tokyo Games Show (with many new PlayStation-Games like every year, i think). It doesn't look good for Microsoft. And I think Horizon Forbidden West will be the graphic reference 2021. It's sad - considering microsoft is the richest company in the world.. (right?) In my opinion, the new xbox could also be called xbox one 2.0 - it wouldn't make a difference -.-

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4/10 but I'm not getting a Series X anytime soon. The best announcement of the day was Dragon Quest XI coming to Gamepass on December the 4th.

Slightly better than Sony's I guess but neither put on anything that great. Nintendo took a dump with their direct. Seems none of the 3 can put on a great show this year sadly.
6/10. Not terrible. Just mediocre.

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