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Forums - Sony Discussion - Are you pre-ordering PS5 on August 6th ? (Rumored SoP date)

DPsx7 said:
estebxx said:

I always clean the dust in the house every saturday (it's been like this for years including back then), and yeah i clean the consoles as well, the reason i did the reset thing was because that's the Solution i came across on the internet, and it worked for me.

I don't have a schedule or anything, sometimes it works its way into areas you don't touch often. Can't argue with results, I just wonder what would cause it that could be fixed with a reset unless it's just coincidence. Maybe slight static build up? My PS4 is on a strip which gets flipped off at night so it never has a chance to turn itself on.

Yeah, i got no idea either how it worked with a reset if it was dust that was causing the problem, but well thankfully it hasn't happened again.

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Uh.. No, i don't think i can pre-order PS5 yet, because it could be immature console at launch for backward compatible support and the launch titles are also could be not "must buy" for me.

I'll keep focusing on my PS4 Pro and play 24 games(maximum collection).

DPsx7 said:
mjk45 said:

Spray Paint and masking tape are cheap

Enh, I dunno. While I've seen nice custom work in the past I think it's tough to get a job that looks authentic. Even then, paint or a skin won't fix the 'popped collar' look.

 I was having fun imagining someone showing off  a youtube clip of a brand new badly sprayed black PS5 with countless drip lines, that are extolled as being an artistic representation of sweat pouring from the PS5's brow thus emphasising the work being done under the hood.

 for ridding oneself of the popped collar look I recommend the use of an angle grinder.

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I'm a bit concerned about the colour too. I think I might regret picking up the first version finding out later that an all black will be out.

But we can always trade it for a new model later on tho.

God bless You.

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Only if I can get an online order. If I dont get one though its fine, theres no killer apps at launch for me anyways

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Yep day 1 preorder. New GPUs coming out end of this year as well. Trump needs to go ahead and stimulate my bank account so I can start stimulating this economy.

No, nothing worth buying it for on release, same goes for the XsX (I'll play Halo on my One X or PC).

On top of that I've pre-ordered 3 consoles over the years and all have had issues.
Launch PS2 the disc drive failed. Replaced under warranty.
Launch PS3 the HDMI failed. Replaced under warranty.
Launch Switch the Joy Cons had to be replaced because they kept disconnecting from the console.


Nah. The longer I wait before getting a next gen console, the cheaper the system will be when I get it. I picked up the PS3 once upon a time 1 or 2 months after launch, when it was expensive and there were few games on the system, a mistake I don't intend to repeat. Besides, I have a 4 and a half year old PC that can run games in 4k fine. I may end up selling my old PC parts and buying new ones before picking up a console - I haven't yet decided. .

Wow, no poll? Seems very odd considering the thread title...

Yes, 100%. Can’t wait.