Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How much will Paper Mario: The Origami King sell lifetime?

How many million lifetime?

2+ 9 14.75%
3+ 7 11.48%
4+ 16 26.23%
5+ 15 24.59%
6+ 7 11.48%
7+ 3 4.92%
8+ 2 3.28%
9+ 1 1.64%
10+ 0 0.00%
15+ 1 1.64%
Valdney said:
curl-6 said:

Well, to me Animal Crossing looks like about the most boring game ever made, yet it's selling like crack.

Our feelings as enthusiast gamers aren't always reflected in real world sales.

I 100% agree. I don’t even plan to ever touch AC,  but I do see its mass market appeal and historical data has shown that too, whereas PM has never been a big seller.  

Anyway, I am really disappointed with Nintendo’s first party output this year. Very underwhelming year so far. 

Yeah, I too have found Nintendo's output this year extremely poor.

The last first party game I bought was Luigi's Mansion 3 last October and it's looking like I might close out this entire year with only third party purchases. Some years of the Wii U were better than this.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series X will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

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Mar1217 said:
In the meanwhile, I'll enjoy looking at the broken discourse from the old fans on social media.

Just to note, I was directly responding to a comment that Origami King was a "return to form".

Around 4.5M would be my guess. Potentially more if the US go into lockdown again soon.

2m if that. It doesn't look exciting at all, I just don't understand who its target market is supposed to be.

Around the Wii game. 4M.

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Paper Mario is not as big as Licences like Animal Crossing , or big Mario games

I like Nintendo and Sony but more than this I love video games

Or Super Mario , Mario Kart , The Legend of Zelda

I like Nintendo and Sony but more than this I love video games

I think it will do phenomenal! Better than Animal Crossing.
one MILLION copies!

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

For me, around 4 million.
Paper Mario never was a big selling point of mario-spinoffs titles. Personally i think it will do better than any of the games in the series, just becuase the lack of first party titles on the switch in the near future.

If the game will get good reviews combined with the "hunger" from the switch userbase for new first party titles, it can sell pretty good.

I dont think there is a chance for 10+ plus. Its a bit to late in the switch lifetime cycle.

I’m sure it can reach 6 millions lifetime.

Sticker Star did a 1.83 million launch, for an audience of 25 millions 3DS at that time (you have to note that the Japan sales were bad, because the game was launch just 3 days after Animal Crossing New Leaf).

It’s pretty obvious that Origami King will do a ~ 3 million launch, when we have nearly 60 millions switch now. Plus, there is absolutely no other game for the summer, another reason to help to boost launch sales.

Remember that the last Intelligent System game, FE Three Houses, did a 2.29 millions launch at the same time last year (for a base of 41 millions of Switch users). How some people can believe Paper Mario will sell 2 millions lifetime ? … It has no sense.
Don’t listen to the fanbase, which is always disappointed. This game will breaks a record for the serie.