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Forums - Sony Discussion - First look: Box art for upcoming PS5 games (Spider-Man/ Godfall)

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Where is "Only On PlayStation"?

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Anonymous1796 said:
Where is "Only On PlayStation"?

Spider-Man is going multiplat, didn't you hear? 

Just kidding. Not sure why it isn't present on the boxart. 

The white does not blend with the blue box. PS3 to PS4 was a big change. But this still looks close to PS4.

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jakemania said:

I too would prefer black case/banner with white logo/text:

Oof! This one looks amazing! 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Kind of looks like the colors are negative, it’s weird, my brain wants to see the banner in black and text in white. The blue box doesn’t fit. I agree it should’ve been black. Makes it seem like they just had too many leftover PS4 boxes.

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Remember those days when box art always showed what a game was like:

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It's weird how many comments don't like the blue casing - last I checked, that was the standard Blu-ray casing color scheme, and PS5 games are still on Blu-ray discs... Isn't Sony just following the Blu-ray standard here with PS4/PS5 game cases?

I actually really like it, at least for this game in particular anyway... looks great with the box art itself!

I think it makes sense having the blue case, since bluray cases are generally still blue anyway, and the PS5 does have the blue lights on the console and controller... we now have a game case that mirrors the console and controller, yay for unity!

A black case would look better. UHD releases use black cases, so I don't see why PS5 games don't.
PS1 used jewel cases, PS2 used DVD cases, PS3 used clear Blu-ray cases, PS4 used Blu-ray cases, and then PS5 is just a repeat of PS4? I don't care too much about this stuff, but I guess Sony doesn't either.
Now we'll have to see what Microsoft does with Xbox Series X. They'll probably just use the green Blu-ray cases again.

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jakemania said:

I too would prefer black case/banner with white logo/text:

Ding ding ding! That's gorgeous. I don't dislike the choice that they went with, but isn't that good imo. Off the top of my head, it's my least favourite case design from PS.

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