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Primary 0 to 6 - 12 years
High School 7 to 10 - 16 years
College 11 to 12 - 18 years

Al school ends in December



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18, although I could have graduated a year earlier if my family had been more stable. My birthday is in October, so I was one of the older kids in my grade. After first grade, my school decided I was advanced enough that I could skip the 2nd grade. So I went from first to third grade. However, after that year I moved to Idaho and they refused to place me in fourth grade, so I took third grade again... so technically I did repeat the 3rd grade but I never went to 2nd grade...

TruckOSaurus said:
I graduated at 17 in 1997 before many of you were born.

Yeah, you probably graduated just before I was born in September. 

And graduated from high school at age 17.

I guess at age 18 since I started University in '92 right after graduating.

I didn't repeat any grades but quit university after 3 years (got bachelors but not masters) and had a steady job in software development at age 21. Since I still lived in student housing my total living costs were less than 20% of my income. So much disposable income, which I disposed off in PC hardware and AV equipment. (9,000 guilder PC, 7,000 guilder AV receiver, 5,000 guilder 2nd hand CRT projector) No debts to pay off either thanks to government subsidized universities, student fund for all, and extra benefits through my dad's work (university fund) I grew up in the golden age for schooling it seems.

17 (born November 1999, graduated June 2017).

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Nineteen or twenty. Either way I'm glad I was finally out of that shithole. *mails time bombs to every student I hated*

17-19. I was homeschooled, so I ended up "graduating" different subjects at different times. I then took a break of nearly 5 years and am now in the process of struggling through math and physics classes in college. It's freakin' great.

Graduated high school at 17. University at 21.

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It's almost 8 years already damn

Would have been 17, but the school district I attended forced us to have a one required credit in each semester of our final year, and do a senior project.

So I ended up finally earning my release a few days after my 18th birthday, earning 6 unnecessary credits in my final year. The system was set up to rob motivated students from finishing school early and moving on to work or college.

As far as education went, I feel like I graduated from public school in 8th grade. Everything else I learned going forward came from other educational avenues, work, and real world experience.

I have always wished I had the opportunity to get out and get my career started earlier. If I could have got in the door at 14, I could have made another 500K in the 4 years that public school robbed from me, and be that much better set for retirement.

It is what it is though. I guess if I really had waned to, I could have dropped out, ran away from home, earned my GED, lied about my age and residents, and took the initiative, but I have never been brave enough to go that far out on limb.

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