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18... never repeated a class, and finished pretty much at the age that is standard here.

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Graduation was early October, so I was 17, one of the youngest. Most were fucking 18. 

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17 years old (my birthday is on October). I didn't repeat any classes. I even started taking classes from college on my senior year of High School. I graduated as an Accounting Clerk from High School (My HS was one of those vocational schools)

18 (really 16 for mandatory education, the last 2 years before college are technically optional)

To be honest I feel this is a better question for college, as in when did you finish college (if you went to college of course); since repeating years and dropping out is much more common in college than high school

22, I think?

We don't have high school in the UK, but college would be the equivalent (usually 2 years from 16-18). Finished school at 16, worked for 6 years and then went to college after that, so finished at 23. Then finished university at 26.

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I stopped going to school when I was 14. I technically dropped out when I was 16. I later went to and completed college with both an Associate of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Management.

Birthday is in July, so I was 17 when I graduated.

I graduated at 17 in 1997 before many of you were born.

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Graduated at 20 in 2009, i've made troublesome once and repeated once.

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I was 17, going on 18 later that year.