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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fans of brands (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony), what are your top 3 genres in games?

1) RTS. (I.E. StarCraft.)
2) Open world RPG. (I.E. Elder Scrolls.)
3) FPS. (I.E. Overwatch.)

1) FPS. (I.E. Halo.)
2) Western RPG. (I.E Fable.)
3) 3rd person FPS. (I.E. Gears of War.)

1) Action Adventure. (I.E. Zelda)
2) Japanese RPG. (I.E Xenoblade.)
3) Arcade Racer. (I.E. Mario Kart.)

1) Action Adventure. (I.E. Uncharted.)
2) Action RPG. (I.E. Horizon Zero Dawn.)
3) Japanese RPG. (I.E. Final Fantasy.)

There is something to love about every brand, why limit yourself to just one platform/brand?

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1. Shooter genre (Splatoon 2)
2. Tactical Role Playing Game ( Fire Embelm 3 Houses)
3. Social Simulation (Animal Crossing New Horizon)

Pocky Lover Boy! 

I like all three brands a lot. Would probably consider myself a Nintendo and SEGA fan though. Favorite genres:

1. Arcade-style score attack (don't know if it counts as a genre, but it's a style of games I love a lot, and we don't see enough of anymore. Good examples: Galaga, Dig Dug, Asteroids, Tempest, Pac-Man, NiGHTS into Dreams, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Tetris, Gradius, REZ)
2. Platformers, both 2D and 3D (Mario, Sonic, Rayman, Spyro, Crash, Ninja Gaiden (NES). Also Metroidvania style platformers and puzzle-platformers)
3. Action-Adventure (Kind of silly genre, since it can almost be anything, I guess some games just don't have a fitting label. Zelda, Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, God of War, Red Dead Redemption, Luigi's Mansion)

Also like a lot of third-person shooters, FPS, beat-em-ups, rail-shooters, arcade-style racers (not open world ones though), Fighting games (Although I absolutely suck at playing them),

Generally not a fan of RPGs, most of them are just too long and poorly paced, I do like a few though, usually the tactical ones.
I dislike sports simulators, like FIFA, Madden, NHL etc. I do like the more arcadey sports games though.

While I like a lot of offline-multiplayer games, I absolutely despise anything that has to do with online-multiplayer, or requires any internet connection in general. Only exception: Mario Maker.

I am a Nintendo fan these days, but I was a PC-gamer in the 90s.

My Top genres are:

1. turn-based strategy or tactics (UFO, Jagged Alliance, Civilization, Fire Emblem, Battle for Wesnoth, Valkyria Chronicles, Brigandine, Heroes of Might and Magic)

2. adventures - no matter if point-and-click or action (Zelda, Indiana Jones, Monkey Island, Oxenfree, Witcher 3)

3. isometric pause-based RPGs (Baldur's Gate, Divinity, Wasteland, Pillars of Eternity)

other areas I like are turn-based RPGs (Octopath Traveler, Child of Light), exploration in general (like Skyrim or Assassins Creed) and stealth in general (real stealth, not only options for an action game, examples are the original Thief or Gylt)

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bets: [peak year] [+], [1], [2], [3], [4]

Nintendo / Playstation fan (Switch is current primary)

1. RPGs (western and Japanese alike)
2. Action Adventure
3. Strategy

Though I can be known to appreciate all types of games. I am very diverse with my tastes overall.

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1. Fighting (Smash)
2. Racers (F-Zero, Excitebike, Wave Race)
3. Platformer / Metroidvania (Mario 2D & 3D, Shovelknight, Metroid 2D & 3D, Castlevania old and new)
4. Action Adventure (Zelda)
5. Puzzle (Tetris, Dr. Mario, Bit Trip beat)

1. RPG (Final Fantasy)
2. Adventure (SotC)
3. Rhythm/exploration (Parappa, Journey, Flower)

1. 3rd party games (Mortal Kombat, NHL, Fifa, NBA)
2. Indie/Arcade (Cuphead, Ori, Geometry Wars)

1. Dungeon Crawling (Diablo, Torchlight)
2. Fighting (Killer Instinct, Street Fighter)
3. Real-time Strategy (Warcraft III, SC1/2)
4. Bootleg games (Tower defence, games on Kongregate, older facebook games, Stickboy, etc.)

PC > PlayStation > Xbox > Nintendo

1. RPG
2. Strategy
3. Sports

Mostly Nintendo fan, but I enjoy come Playstation games...

- JRPGs (Turn based and action)

- Adventure

- Platformers

John2290 said:
Ka-pi96 said:
PC > PlayStation > Xbox > Nintendo

1. RPG
2. Strategy
3. Sports

PC isn't a brand, choose a launcher ;)

It kind of is actually. PC is synomonous with Windows and Windows is definitely a brand.

Although if you insist... I use Steam exclusively,

Nintendo / Playstation
1) Platformer (Metroidvania > 2D platformer > 3D platformer)
2) RPG (Turn-based > hybrid action/turn-based (FFVII:R, Xenoblade) >>>> action RPG)
3) Action/adventure ( 2D slightly ahead of 3D)

Fighting games and first-person shooter would be fourth and fifth.

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