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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fans of brands (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony), what are your top 3 genres in games?

1. Adventure (ex.: The Legend of Zelda, MediEvil)
2. Simulation management (ex.: RollerCoaster Tycoon, SimCity, Anno)
3. Third Person Action (ex.: Uncharted, Jedi Knight)

Obviously though there’s a lot of overlap between genre 1 and genre 3. If you’d count 3 as 1, then I guess my third favorite genre would be 3D platformers, though that’s really just one series these days; 3D Mario. After that would I guess come turn-based strategy, again just one series; Total War. In the past I liked first person shooters a lot, but nowadays I barely play them anymore, after they all got CoDified after Modern Warfare, of which I didn’t like the direction contrary to the first two games, became big. Other genres are very hit or miss to me like RPGs, 2D platformers and fighting games. Genres I don’t care about at all are racing (except Mario Kart for some reason) and sports.

My all time favorites are from all over the place, though the biggest thing remains the Zelda series. That one’s also where my loyalty to Nintendo comes from; I always buy the Nintendo console, because those get Zelda. Throughout the generations it has always been a Nintendo+ situation for me though, because there’s always been at least one other system that has enough that interests me to get it. Usually this has been the PlayStation. The PC has been the common thread however, since I’m into simulation games, I’ve played a lot on PC over the years. In fact, I’ve played more on PC than on every other system combined. Probably even twice over.

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1. Platformers

2. RPGs

3. SNK Fighting games.

PC and Switch

Turn-based strategy/4X/Grand Strategy (Total War series, Stellaris, Galactic Civilizations...)
RPGs with turn-based combat systems (Mostly JRPGs and old western RPG)
Town Builders (Settlers, Banished, Aven Colony...)

Least interested in:

Military Shooters
Racing simulations

Which sadly very often feels like being all of the games on Playstation or Xbox that ain't RPGs or sports titles.

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I'll butcher the genres, since they're already so broad in other posts, by making them specific to the point of lunacy. So, in no order:

Atmospheric First Person Shooters

Character Action Games 

AAA Metroidvanias (Metroid Prime, REmake, Dark Souls) 

PlayStation fan. Haven't had a chance to play anything but PS for the past 20 years cuz I don't care for anything else.

My top 3:
1. Action/Adventure
2. Stealth
3. Shooters (FPS/TPS) (except Call of Duty and Battlefield)

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1 : Strategy : like Crusaders kings 2 or Europa universalis
2 : Strategy : like civilization or Xcom
3 : RPG : Western & Japan.

I Would say Action/Adventure like uncharted is my top 3 if you combine the strategy under one choice.

Nintendo fan.

1. Western RPG
2. Platformers (don't make me chose between 3d and 2d.
3. Action Adventure, with an emphasis on the adventure.

Nintendo fan.

I like the action genre a lot (fighting, not shooting) and games with good worldbuilding and a good story, so if these 3 come together in one game, I'm probably going to like it. I could sum most games up as action adventure :P

- Action based games 2d and 3d with or without exploration , Dark Souls, Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta, Batman Arkam games and Hollow Knight,

Story driven RPG's like The Witcher 3 and Kotor. Probably going to like Xenoblade 1 as well.

Turn Based games like Mario & Rabbits, Child of Light, Octopath Travels, advance wars,

I'm not too much into sandboxgames, stealth, fighters and the big mass shooters (I did like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Duke Nukem 3d,  Halo 1 and Resident Evil 4).

Action/adventure, jrpg, metroidvania/plataformers
I think I play more indie games than other.
But more nintendo than PS and xbox games.

Gonna throw a curveball here.

1. RPGs (Moreso JRPG honestly)
2. Adventure (Like point n' click/puzzle games, Visual novels,etc ...)
3. Platformers (2D/3D)

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