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sundin13 said:
Code Name: STEAM (3DS) was a game that got pretty meh reviews and I think people forgot about it before it was even released, but it was actually a lot of fun. It wasn't perfect, but the gameplay was simple and satisfying and the story was ridiculous enough to keep me interested. Also, I got it for, like, $5 so that probably helped.

I am perpetually angry that this game wasn't more successful. This is why we don't get new IPs.

Mostly there are a bunch of games that get a bum rap because they deviate from their franchise. Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, Super Paper Mario, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and Chrono Cross.  Like those a lot more than their fanbases tended to.

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Sonic and the Black Knight. Yeah, the gameplay is a bit frustrating, but the graphics, the soundtrack and the plot are amazing;

The game has technical problems, but never broken. Great exploration, excellent control, great soundtrack and very rewarding plataforming.
The core bots mechanic and 3rd person Metroidvania make this game a unique experience.
Is one of my favorites games of this generation.
Some critics give bad scores because you can reach the end game in 6 or 7 hours.but is a semi open world game and you can do that only if you dont explore the enviroments and only do the story missions .
The Definitive edition of the game, fixes a lot of the technical problems and reduce the load times. Add more content and a new zone too. (The upgrade was free )
This game has a 63 in MC, but in reality is a solid 72/75.
For my personal taste is 85.

Sorry for my bad english.

Driveclub and Knack 2

Elemental: War of Magic

This predecessor of Fallen Enchantress was so broken and unbalanced and badly received that Stardock tried everything lately to purge it from the collective consciousness (it's not available on Steam or GOG, or pretty much anywhere on the net for instance). Even the head developer agreed to the bad reviews and took the responsibility upon himself for most of it's faults, like being very unfocused and it's disastrous handling of memory (it's fragmenting the memory to hell and back, meaning you need a lot of fast memory to make it run and load fast.

Despite all it's faults, I actually prefer it over it's much better received successor, Elemental: Fallen Enchantress. Too bad my old PC with the game broke, so I can't find and play it anymore...

Oh, and some little secret for this game series:

The World of Elemental is actually the Homeworld of the Altarians from the Galactic Civilizations series, meaning that canonically the Kingdom Factions will win out in the end

Also, Tokio Mirage Sessions #FE. Loved the game really very much on the Wii U, is on my wishlist for the Switch.

Forgot to mention Supreme Ruler 2020 (and to a lesser degree Ultimate). Pretty clunky and overwhelming, but has true greatness under the hood.

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For me it's probably Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest on the SNES. Usually it's rated around 50-60 out of 100, but I played through it several times and enjoyed it many hours.

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@Bofferbrauer2 I don't think TMS was panned, it was just very niche and not what many expected/hoped from the original idea for SMTxFE.

Personally I'll say Too Human. It lacked level variety, and the levels it did have could feel like they went on forever. The combat could feel clunky when you weren't used to it, but once you did get a grip for all the mechanics it was honestly quite fun. It had a unique appeal that I still haven't seen in any other game. Sort of Diablo-esque but faster, more dynamic, and more cinematic. A few flaws but it deserved much better, just like Silicon Knights.

Total War: Rome II

Though maybe it doesn't qualify. Its Meta was okay enough, not as good as its predecessors though, but was wildly disliked by the Total War fanbase upon release for a variety of reasons. I never had a problem with it, thought it was great from the start. Now however it is generally liked quite well, after the developer released many patches and expansions, most for free, that "fixed" the game over the years.

finalrpgfantasy said:
The Order:1866

I really love the story, setting and even the gameplay. I wanted to see more after the game ended. Hopefully we'll get a sequel.

Coming in here I was almost certain I will be the first one to emntion this, but I am glad that I wasn't It had it fair share of flaws, but man it was one fun 7 hours I've spent with this game. Sure, it helped that i bought it under 20$, but I think it was a solid mid-70 game, and a solid 8 for me.

And I am also glad that there are so many games mentioned that I personally liked throughout the years: Codename STEAM, Rome 2, Epic Mickey, Recore, Alpha Protocol, and many more. I have a feeling that many of these games will easily become cult classics.

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Watch Dogs, the original. Most people either hated it or thought it didn't live up to the hype of its original E3 presentation. Regardless of that, I thought it was GREAT. It had tons of content to explore in the city, it was really fun to play and the story was actually pretty cool. It had fleshed out villains and even though the MC wasn't the most charismatic, he had a few memorable lines and I ended up liking him more by the end.

I've played and beat both GTA V and Watch Dogs and I can tell you I had a lot more fun with the latter than the former. Specially since I didn't have to play as 3 characters whom I truly disliked.