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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your favorite console this gen?


Your Favorite Console This Gen?

Switch 30 44.12%
Xbox One 5 7.35%
PS4 33 48.53%

As disappointing as it has been overall, the PS4 by a mile.

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I have both PS4 and Switch and the answer is PS4. Simply because i have 50 games bought for PS4,that are AAA titles and only 5 for switch. PS4 is easily the best game console of all-time from game library point of view atm.

Switch pretty easily. It's impressive the amount of games I have managed to purchase and play on this system in the short while it's been available. PS4 comes second with a strong lineup as well.

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Overall Xbox One. My PS4 and Switch are great too, but the better controller, quieter console, and Gamepass has made XB1 the winner for me personally.

PS4 because of PSVR and GT Sport

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Ps4. The number of high quality games and its variety has no competition.
Switch would be a far 2nd place.

Tie between PS4 and Switch. I cannot choose one over the other. Both have entered some of my fave systems ever. Behind Dreamcast. SNES. Saturn.

Currently well past 80 Physical games on PS4 and near that on Switch.

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For the 1st time in 30 years, this is not an easy answer for me. With NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, and PS3, I never had any doubt which console was my favorite during their respective generation. This time around though, no one console has lead the pack the same way for me. It really comes down to PS4 vs XBO.

If I had to choose, I would give the edge to PS4, but only because of PSVR. PS4 has had a few amazing games, but the overall library falls quite a bit short of previous PlayStations for my taste. Too few of titles, with too little variety for my taste. Sony has also stumbled with PS+, which I thought was going to do wonders to help improve PSN and imrpove the UI, but has turned to just be a money sink, with actually less improvements to PSN and the UI compaired to what we saw with PS3 with free PSN.

Xbox comes in a very close 2nd for me, but the lack of VR and the drought of big exclusives late in the gen have dimenished the gains made in XBLG/Game Pass and the UI. At the beggining of this generation the XBO UI was down right terrible, however, they have continued to improve it month after month, and at this time, I greatly prefer it over the PS4 UI. I have also found a lot of enjoyment in Microsofts more wider variety of exclusives, with some highlights being Sunset Overdrive, Cup Head, Crackdown 3, Forza Horizon 4, and Halo 5.

Switch is easily my least favorite of the current consoles on offer. It is my favorite Nintendo in roughly 20 years, but compairing it to the PS4/XBO and the PS Vita, it is a very hollow device, with a lack of exclusives that excite me. As great as some of the exclusives like Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and Smash Bros. Ultimate are, the rest of the system feels like something from the mid 2000's. As someone who has had access to PS4 games via Remote Play on Vita since well before Switch launched, the 3rd party offerings don't offer any additional appeal to the system. The lack of even essential gaming features like 3G/4G, Voice/Text Chat, and a Web Browser, along with no mutlimedia features make the Switch my least used device by far.

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I only own the Switch and PS4, but so far PS4 (also NSW is arguably a next gen console.)

Sony has consistently hit it out of the park this generation for my tastes (GOW, BB, Spiderman, UC4, TLOU:pt 2 etc), despite the slow start.