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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your favorite console this gen?


Your Favorite Console This Gen?

Switch 30 44.12%
Xbox One 5 7.35%
PS4 33 48.53%
Shiken said:
Since Switch is part of gen 9...

My vote goes to PS4.

You still see the Switch as "next gen" even though it's been out for 3 years already?

Is Nintendo always going to be a gen ahead of everyone else? I wouldn't give them that much credit.

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Darn easy, it's Switch then Xbox One. :D

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Yeah this is an easy one for me, not to mention very predictable; PS4.

Nintendo Switch. Not just for the Nintendo games, but also because I just played Game 1 of the NBA Finals in my NBA 2K franchise while at work.

Hard to say.

If we go purely by number of games owned and amount of time used, it would be the Xbox One. In terms of hardware, playing games in native 4K on my One X is a visual treat, plus I like that it plays 4K Blu-ray movies. It's not only my primary console, but my default media hub. I also still prefer Xbox controllers over those for the other consoles.

In terms of exclusive games, though, the Switch beats the other systems.

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By default, it would be the PS4, since it's the only one of the 3 systems that I own. Though I've barely used it.

Switch by far since WiiU isn't an option here so to me switch got no competition

Switch, for all the Nintendo exclusives. It also hosts almost all the third party games I care about, most notably Dragon Quest XI and Witcher 3. If Nintendo could build on that, I’d never have a reason to look at Sony or Microsoft (I buy PS for Japanese exclusives.)