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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So Motion Control was just a fever afterall?

A bunch of nintendo games still use motion controls in some way. Here's a list
Breath of the wild
1-2 switch
Mario kart 8
splatoon 2
Mario odyssey
Various labo kits
Mario tennis
Captain toad
mario party
lets go pikachu/eevee
ring fit adventure
Brain training
club house games

And sony obviously has huge amount using vr. so motion controls aren't gone, far from it. overall I think motion controls are being used in far smarter and more restrained ways now, which i think is to their advantage. I think gyro aiming should be an option in every game that allows you to aim anything.

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OP you must be blind

I think motion controls were a necessary stop gap for VR. Without the work put in years before, it would've taken much longer.

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In terms of them being the main focus and having huge emphasis placed on them, for the most part yes.

Motion control was such a fad, that it started the main control scheme for what is now being touted as the future of gaming, 14 years later. Yep, sounds like a fad to me!

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Apart from VR obviously, a lot of people also swear by motion control for GT Sport. Dreams also uses motion control.
Ring fit adventures seems to be selling quite well too.

Nope. As other people stated, its a necessity for VR and is still in use with current gen and next gen consoles. A lot of Switch games use it. Even in PS4, some games use the motion control in the DS4. Take TLOU 2 for example, you are required to shake your controller to rejig your torch when its going out.

Its a good alternate way of adding additional controls that can be quite intuitive and is basically essential for VR.

Not sure. But the Toys to life like Skylanders are a fad.

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That's the tiny-dataset-fallacy people constantly fall for in the gaming community.

You only think so because right now, no manufacturer puts motion controls front and center with their system. It's the same as the illogical claim that "mobile games killed dedicated handhelds", when we only had two systems (3DS and PS Vita) to back up that argument. So, now the Switch is successful... I guess that didn't happen after all?

And the same goes for the motion control claim: Right now motion controls aren't front and center in most games even though there is a steady stream of releases that use them. But it will only take one single game like a hypothetical Switch Sports to prove the claim wrong.

We can't form conclusions based on tiny data sets. But many claims and theories in the gaming community are entirely based on one or two consoles or console generations to extrapolate realities that don't exist: "Nintendo consoles don't sell!" (data set: Gamecube, Wii U...). "Sony consoles always sell best in Europe" (data set: PS1, PS2, PS4... ignoring the PS3, PSP and PS Vita). "Nintendo consoles always sell well in Japan" (data set: DS, 3DS, Switch, etc. ... ignoring GC, N64, 3DS before the price cut).

The Republicans won the 2016 elections. I guess that means the democrats were a fad after all and we won't see them win any elections ever again. 

PS5 comes preloaded with game which shows off the motion controls capabilities. I think we will see it more on PS5, then we did on PS4. They want the controller to be a strong distinguishing factor against Xbox.

Switch has a lot of titles which feature it, unfortunately though handheld play means that developers are not building games around motion controls.