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Ka-pi96 said:

No idea who the guy is and couldn't really care less, but also think twitch look like the bad guys here. Like, whatever the guy did/didn't do let people decide themselves if they still want to support him or not. Wouldn't be half as bad if there were alternatives for him to go to, but there kind of aren't. Aren't twitch owned by the same company as youtube or something? I dunno, but it seems like all of these big internet companies are inter-linked which should surely be in violation of anti-monopoly laws... but apparently not?

One of the strangest takes possible. I'm more curious about "whatever the guy did/didn't do let people decide themselves if they still want to support him or not."

Does that imply that no matter what someone says or does you think they should be allowed to stream on twitch and get paid for it (both in ads and supporters)?

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I thought it could be viewbotting but if it was that then we should have known that already i think,when it is not adressed directly it can be something a lot worse.

Is it just me or does Twitch hold their male and female streamers to different standards? I'm pretty sure that there have been cheating allegations against several female twitch streamers, none of which got permabanned over it. Alinity has broken all kinds of Twitch rules multiple times on stream and has yet to be permabanned, from nudity, to using the n-word, to abusing her cat.

If the ban is over something this stupid, Twitch's loss is some other streaming services gain. I'm sure that he will do just fine on Youtube or Facebook gaming. 

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If he was banned just because he cheated on his wife, that's beyond stupid.

Just because he is an idiot, dosen't mean you should ruin his carrer.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

That seems... unlikely. Surely even Twitch's gradual history of prudishness and censoriousness doesn't extend so far as to cover who one of their streamers has consensual sex with. If that is why he was banned I would've expected his social media to be on full blast calling out Twitch, but it's curiously silent, which suggests the actual reason for the ban is much more sound than that.

I don't like him and don't watch his stream, but I watch other streams a lot. This sudden permaban for one of the platform's biggest 'stars' understandably worries other streamers and their viewers, but I'm prepared at least to wait for both sides to tell their stories.

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Doc during last few minutes of the stream:
"We'll...we'll get through this champions. life's weird right now....we'll get through this okay. and uh.....fuck"

"inside source" says this was handled outside the 'trust and safety' department. It was made outside of standard protocol and it is not DMCA

Good riddance.

Banned from Twitch and Discord for cheating?
That doesn't sound right. Plus I'm sure I've heard talks about how he's cheated on his wife before. The fact that it was with another Twitch streamer doesn't sound like it would be a problem.

Slasher says it's not because of DMCA.

I think he also said that it's something serious. but I can't find the comment.
Found this though.

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This could be a serious legal matter unrelated to anything twitch,when none can find or leak info on this for this amount of time it often indicates that what happened was really bad.